Fall Brings a Big Bear Scarecrow Invasion

Picking a favorite season in Big Bear can be as hard as choosing a favorite flavor of ice cream, however Autumn is very hard to beat. Right now Fall colors are bright and the Village is full of fun little stops to make your day.

A highlight of this time of year is always Scarecrow Fest.

The Big Bear Lake Village Scarecrow Festival, sponsored by the Village Business Association, is a friendly free-of-charge competition between merchants, non-profit groups and other community-based service clubs and organizations. All participants display their version of a Scarecrow in the Village for passers by to enjoy – and vote for their favorite!

The winners will be selected by ballots cast by visitors and residents.
The scarecrows must fit into one of six categories:

1) Best Reflection of Big Bear,
2) Most Traditional,
3) Spookiest,
4) Best Use of Recycled Materials,
5) Most Reflective of Business or Organization
6) Most Humorous.

Of course Halloween is the main event and when the Winners are announced. It is a weekend to remember with a plethora of entertainment options to choose from including:

Oktoberfest German Spooktacular Halloween Contest

Oct. 29th is a German Spooktacular! The final day of Oktoberfest features both an adult and children’s costume contest. The contest begins at 3:00 p.m. and every child wins a participants’ prize, as well prizes for the top three best costumes. Admission is FREE on Saturday, Oct. 29th for all children in costume.

Trick or Treat in the Village in Big Bear Lake!

Date: Monday, October 31, 2016
Time: 4:30 p.m. – 7:00 p.m.
Cost: FREE
Location: The Village in Big Bear Lake

Bring your kids to the safest place to Trick-or-Treat this Halloween! With 50+ places to stop for candy you are sure to fulfill your sweet tooth. Take a walk through the village seeing all the horrors that it has to offer! Don’t forget your costume or you’ll miss out on the trick or treating!

Big Bear Vacations Scarecrow – Meet Fred and Annie

This year the Big Bear Vacations team took making a Scarecrow display for Fall Fest to a whole other level. Our category is “Traditional” and the display is located outside of Action Tours in the Village, to the right of Whiskey Dave’s. All our signs are hand painted, the scarecrows were carefully made from scratch after researching what it means to be a traditional scarecrow, and it is interactive (psst, that means you can win a prize too!).

Big Bear Vacations is synonymous with Making Memories. Everyone is encouraged to make some memories with your family and friends while posing for heirloom photos with Fred and Annie. Make it a Autumn you will never forget with us in Big Bear.

Enter Our Photo Contest by posting your photo with Fred and Annie on Instagram and Facebook with #makingmemories.

So, why is Fall one of our favorite seasons? Because Fred and Annie are here, there are prizes to be won, fun to be had, and memories to make in Big Bear!

By Destiny Carlton

First, a bit of personal history. My name is Ali and I’m from Idaho. I lived there my entire life until I moved to Big Bear in June. I’ve been asked countless times, “why on earth would you move from Idaho to California?” The reasons were simple: 1) I hated living in Idaho; 2) I wanted to be closer to two of my sisters that live in SoCal; and 3) I was thirsty for a new adventure.

I immediately began my quest for employment. Luckily for me, it didn’t take long and I now have a great job working at the front desk at Big Bear Vacations. In addition to my coworkers being welcoming and supportive, they are also very involved ibkgcaguzgxslxxexbguabhpacxsher0dsa4tsx4tean the community. It’s refreshing and well, quite frankly, impressive.

Even before I moved here, I kept hearing tales about Oktoberfest. I mean we are talking about a HUGE yearly event in Big Bear. And it lasts for eight weekends (mid-September until the last weekend of October). I knew what I had to do – find a way to be involved in this epic event that is labeled by locals as the biggest Oktoberfest in southern California. I have been a bartender for a very long time, so it seemed clear to me that I should sling drinks at Oktoberfest. I applied, I interviewed and I got the gig!

Don’t worry – I’m getting to the good stuff. St. Pauli outfits and traditional Dirndls, Lederhosen, German beer, bratwursts and. OY! OY! OY! Let’s not forget the chicken dance either. It has been a long time since I’ve seen that many happy people in one place. I’m serious; people are joyfully dancing like chickens. And not just one time – every time that song is played people are dancing – there are even people dancing in their seats! I was astounded and could not contain my giggles. Did you know wearing a chicken hat is common place? Neither did I, but trust me it is the hat of choice when attending Oktoberfest.

I have worked in just about every type of bar you can imagine. From beer and wine to full liquor bars, but this is by far the most fun I’ve had bartending. It’s also the first time I’ve worn a traditional Dirndl (dress). It’s a treat to dress up and participate in an event like this. It’s about pride, tradition and family. It is also all about crowd participation! Don’t be surprised if you are pulled out of your seat to dance, laugh and enter many of the competitions held throughout the day.

Take it from the new girl in Big Bear, this is an event you want to attend! Get in the spirit of things and dress up! Wear the chicken hat and the Lederhosen, or a Dirndl and Pinafore! And stop by to say hi to me while I pour you a yummy German beer. Stay tuned for more stories of the shenanigans I will be participating in during Oktoberfest 2016! Cheers!