Winter is our favorite time of year. As the temperatures drop with the falling snow, we bundle up in our warmest and brightest-colored clothes and head to the slopes for long days of Big Bear snowboarding snowboarding and skiing fun! Big Bear is a wonderful place to visit or live in any season, but in our heart of hearts we know that it comes alive after the calendar pages turn to the winter season, and with the choice of two ski resorts and 40 trails, it’s quite obvious why we have so many visitors every winter.

Everything You Need to Know About Bear Mountain Ski Resort

Featuring the only half-pipes in all of Southern California, it’s no wonder why snowboarders flock to the slopes of Bear Mountain Ski Resort every year! Founded in 1943 but dedicated to staying up with the latest trends, there are almost 200 skiable acres and 15 trails, as well as 14 terrains and the biggest learning area in the state. Family-friendly Big Bear Ski Mountain also offers lessons separated into age groups, skill levels, and either private or group lessons, so whether you are brand new to skiing or snowboarding or are just looking for some refresher courses, you will never feel uncomfortable or out of place!

Everything You Need to Know About Snow Summit Ski Resort

Snow Summit Ski Resort is the “other” ski resort in town, but there’s no competition between the two; many of our guests will spend one day at Bear Mountain, the next day at Snow Summit, and then start over again at Bear Mountain. Snow Summit features 27 trails and 240 skiable acres, and although it doesn’t have the large learning area, it is still a great place to learn the sports! Snow Summit is also known for its night skiing. Starting at 3PM and ending at 8:30, many of our guests will spend their days on Bear Mountain and then purchase additional lift tickets for the night sessions! Skiing under the lights offers a romantic and magical experience that won’t soon be forgotten! Offering freshly groomed snow and a velvety black sky filled with the twinkle of billions of stars, your ski and snowboard trip to Big Bear will be amped up to the next degree!

Hot Chocolate and a Roaring Fire

Skiing all day and night can put a strain on your tired muscles and leave you feeling exhausted, sore, and slightly frigid, but when you stay in one of our Big Bear cabins, you’ll find yourself warming up nicely! Contact us today to learn more about Big Bear snowboarding and skiing, and to book your next rental.

When planning your winter vacation, you want to visit a place that offers as much to do outside as it does inside, and of course, we think Big Bear is just the place! When the snow starts falling and the days grow shorter, Big Bear comes to life, offering a plethora of exciting and fulfilling activities that ensure your vacation will be the best one yet. And while most people think of downhill skiing as the most popular sport, the latest winter trends of cross country skiing in Big Bear and snowshoeing have become just as popular, and we have compiled this guide to help you get started on what we think will be your newest obsession during your stay!

Where to Go Skiing and Snowshoeing in Big Bear

The slopes tend to get crowded and lift tickets can be very expensive during the height of winter, but cross-country skiing offers the same ability to get out in the snow and play without putting stress on your vacation budget. The Rim Nordic Ski Area, located at 35050 CA-18 in nearby Running Springs, offers the perfect place to practice or learn this new skill. Offering over 13 miles of trails for both snowshoeing in Big Bear and cross-country skiing, these winter sports enable you to make the best of your adventure.

Your senses will come to life as you glide across the freshly groomed trails or pick your way off trail in your snowshoes. For those who have never tried either sport, lessons are offered at reasonable prices: $15 per person in a group, or $30 per person for private ones. Day trail costs are free for kids 10 and under and start at $10 for half-day passes for youth, and rentals of the equipment needed are equally reasonable; these two sports are perfect for vacationers on a budget!

As the Sun Sets

Although simple to learn and addictive to perform, as the sun sets over your day of snow activities, the warmth and comfort of your Big Bear Vacations cozy getaway will start looking pretty appealing. Designed to be welcoming and comfortable, warming up in front of the fireplace as you sip on a glass of wine and mull over the day’s activities may just be the best part of your Big Bear vacation! Contact us today to learn more about cross country skiing in Big Bear and to book one of our vacation rentals!

It may seem as if Christmas and New Year’s was only yesterday, but the pages of the calendar flip by faster the older you get, and now it is suddenly time for hearts and candies and special trips. Yes, Valentine’s Day is upon us, but you’re not to worried: You made the decision to bring your sweet to Big Bear a while ago, and now all that is left is to plan out some romantic activities for your stay! And because we want to ensure that every guest has an experience to remember in our Big Bear Vacations cozy and warm love nests, we’ve compiled this guide to the most Big Bear romantic activities you can participate in during your Big Bear escape.

Love Her to the Moon and Back?

Show her the heights your romance can reach with a helicopter tour of our town. Helicopter Big Bear offers tours that last as long as 25 minutes or as short as 7 minutes—the only limit is your budget, and we are here to tell you that any of their tours are sure to reignite the embers of your love; the views from above are simply breathtaking!

The Couple That Massages Together Stays Together

In our eyes, there is nothing more romantic than a couple’s massage, and when we are trying to impress our spouses, the first thing we do is book at Altitudes Massage & Spa, which can be found at 42184 Moonridge Road. Their couple’s massage package includes everything you need for a romantic 90 minutes, including chocolates, flowers, and champagne. This Valentine’s Day, there will be no question about how much you love her!

Heart-Pounding Excitement With These Big Bear Romantic Activities

Every couple is different, and while many prefer to stay inside and cuddle as their choice of Big Bear romantic activities, you’re the type who falls deeper in love with every adventure you conquer, so why not continue the tradition during your unforgettable California vacation? Action Tours offers a zipline experience that covers not just one or two lines, but NINE ziplines, plus an off-road segment in their Swiss Army vehicles.

Wine in Front of a Roaring Fire

Romance doesn’t always have to be the grandest of gestures. Sometimes sharing a glass of wine and whispered secrets in front of a roaring fire on a cold winter’s night can be the most romantic of all gestures! Most of our cabins and homes have fireplaces as an integral part of their design. Reserve yours today and discover the romance of Big Bear on Valentine’s Day with one of the most popular vacation rental companies in the state!

Not all vacations are created equal, especially when traveling with children. It’s difficult in the best of circumstances to find activities that everyone in the family can enjoy together, but even more so when exploring a new place. Fortunately, you had the brilliant idea of planning your next vacation in Big Bear, one of the few destinations that offers exciting adventures that can be enjoyed by the entire family! And because we want you to have the best time during your stay, we’ve created this guide on ways to have fun in Big Bear with your kids. Keep reading for some ideas on happy adventures!

See the Bald Eagles

Big Bear is an all-American town,and there is nothing more American than the symbol of our country, the bald eagle. The Big Bear Alpine Zoo,found at 43285 Goldmine Drive, is home to Alaska and Valentine, two rescued bald eagles that can’t survive on their own.Located in a habitat designed to recreate their natural habitat,it’s the perfect spot to learn everything you never knew about these majestic birds. And if you have patience, consider signing up for the bald eagle course,where volunteers stake out spots where bald eagles are known to play.For an hour at a time, you will watch and record the bird’s behavior to help naturalists learn even more about the mighty bald eagle.

For a Fun Kid Friendly Big Bear Activity, Try Tubing!

Winter sports are popular in Big Bear, with skiing being the most popular of all. Unfortunately, skiing can be expensive and slightly dangerous for the less coordinated, and for families traveling with very young children, downright impossible to accomplish. Snow tubing, however, is an inexpensive kid friendly Big Bear activity you can enjoy with your tiny babies in tow (Aren’t the new generation of baby carriers wonderful?) and is as exhilarating as you remember! Grizzly Ridge Tube Park, Big Bear Snow Play, and the Alpine Slide at Magic Mountain are just three places you can get your snow fun on without expense or fear!

Big Bear Discovery Center, 40971 North Shore Drive/Hwy 38, Fawnskin

Located just a short drive around the lake from your Big Bear Vacations escape, the Big Bear Discovery Center is a place for outdoor lovers of all ages to fall in love! Offering guided nature hikes, picnic areas, and a Nature Discovery Zone for the wee ones in your traveling group, a visit to the center will enhance any vacation experience!

Big Bear Vacations is the Right Choice

As the sun sets over the mountains, you will be tucked away in comfort and style when you choose Big Bear Vacations for your California getaway accommodations! Reserve yours today and enjoy the sense of family and warmth that is an integral part of all our vacation homes.

In the good old days, taking pictures was a lot of work. You’d have to load the camera with film, swirl the dial on the lens to make sure everything was focused, take a bunch of shots, unload the camera, drive to the developer, drop off the film, and wait ten whole days to discover you had forgotten to take the lens cover off the camera and ALL THE PICTURES WERE RUINED!

Today, we point, click, delete (if they are bad) or upload straight to our Instagram accounts so the entire world can see what we eat, how our kids grew month by month, or how our Big Bear vacation went! And because we love the beauty of our little piece of the world, we’ve created this list of the best Instagram places to see in Big Bear—feel free to upload the pictures taken to your other favorite social media sites as well!

Stanfield Marsh Wildlife and Waterfowl Preserve, 42300 Big Bear Boulevard

The powerful cameras on our cell phones make us all look professional photographers, and when you visit this picturesque preserve, your Instagram followers will be envious of your skills. Whether you’re trying to catch a peak of birds flapping their wings over the marsh or the sight of a mama deer and her fawn delicately snacking in grassy fields, your pics taken from here will wow everyone on your friends list!

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The Castle Rock Trail, Mile Marker 45.5

This two-mile-long trail is relatively short but also steep, so it’s a hike best made by people in good physical shape. Now that the warnings are out of the way, we can tell you that the Instagram photo opportunities along this trail are endless. As you hike the trail, the pictures you take from any spot are guaranteed to be stellar, but when you reach the top, the views simply beg to be photographically documented; it is one of the most beautiful places to see in Big Bear. If you listen closely enough, you may even hear the collective gasps of disbelief as your photos are uploaded; the scenery is breathtaking!

Snow Summit Ski Resort

It’s our opinion that the best pictures are those taken from high above, and you can’t get much higher than the peak of this fantastic ski resort! Providing predictably dazzling photographs of the landscape no matter what time of year you visit, your Instagram wall will be enhanced by the beauty of the photos taken here and your followers will remain in awe of your photographic skills.

Your Own Big Bear Vacations Rental Home, Close to All These Places to See in Big Bear

From charming and rustic to luxurious and grand, our cabins are located in the most photographic spots in town! Point and click to your heart’s content as you enjoy a glass of your favorite adult beverage on the back deck or pose the family in front of the stone fireplace for an Instagram pic that is guaranteed to win the hearts of all your followers. Reserve your stay today!

There are countless opportunities that you do not want to miss while you are in Big Bear during the winter. Near the top of the list is snowshoeing, sledding, and of course, skiing and/or snowboarding. But with one visit to Big Bear, you will come to find that there are many awesome events and festivals that are sure to provide memories that you will never forget. The following are just three of these Big Bear winter events that you should not miss.

Tree Lighting Ceremony

As the holidays approach, Big Bear is the place you want to be, as you will not find better holiday spirit anywhere. You can find a great example of this at the Tree Lighting Ceremony, where Santa greets everyone and lights the community tree; it will surely leave you speechless. Enjoy snacks and hot drinks while you immerse yourself in this one-of-a-kind community. This year, the festivities are taking place on November 24th beginning at 5 pm at the Fire Department at 301 W Big Bear Blvd.

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New Year’s Eve at the Summit

One of the most beloved events of the year comes on December 31st at the great elevation of Snow Summit. For the 53rd year in a row, you can enjoy the best show in town beginning at 7 PM when hundreds of skiers and snowboarders ride down the mountain carrying torches, creating a one-of-a-kind spectacle. This is only the beginning though, as the Snow Summit Lodge hosts an awesome Big Bear Winter party afterwards featuring great music, dancing, and of course, hot chocolate.

Big Bear Lake Turkey Trot

As Thanksgiving comes around, it is time to do some turkey trotting in Big Bear. The experience here, is sure to surpass any that you have ever had, mostly because of how breathtakingly gorgeous the run you will be taking is. You have options for taking 3-, 6-, and 9-mile runs, so there is something for everyone. The races begin at 9 am but there is plenty of fun afterwards, as the community gathers for some food, drink, and good music. Find it Thanksgiving Day at Meadow Park at 41220 Park Ave.

Do Not Miss Out on the Perfect Vacation Rental to Enjoy This Year’s Big Bear Winter Events!

With all of these amazing opportunities, it can be easy to forget about one of the most important aspects of your Big Bear vacation: the place that you choose to stay. There are countless amazing options, but finding the right one can be a daunting task. Well, you will not find the task so overwhelming when you seek out the services of Big Bear Vacations, one of the most renowned vacation rental companies in the area. We make it easy to find the perfect place for you, as we offer the best accommodations in Big Bear. Rustic mountain décor, spacious rooms, high-end furniture, bedrooms fit for royalty, and amazing views are commonplace among our endless options. Find the place for you quickly and easily by contacting our vacation specialists today!

Whatever you are looking for in Big Bear, you will find it. This applies to everything from great outdoor recreation to delicious food. This is a particularly potent truth when it comes to great burgers, as you will find numerous places that are serving up classic as well as innovative approaches to this classic. The following are top places to eat in Big Bear for a delicious burger.

Get the Burger

When it comes to burgers, oftentimes the best ones come from places that put all their energy into this one food item. This is the dedication that you will find at Get the Burger. While the burger is pretty much the only thing you will find on the menu, you will find countless examples of this American classic. Take for example “The Director,” made with 2 ¼ lb. patties, two slices of cheese, grilled onions, lettuce, tomato, and their super-secret sauce. This is a great option but there is so much more to love here including some of the best vegan patties you will find anywhere. Find it at 42151 Big Bear Blvd.

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Fire Rock Burgers and Brews

Fire Rock Burgers and Brews is known for juicy beef patties along with some of the most unique combinations of ingredients you will find anywhere. Take for example the “Californication,” a burger complete with said beef patty along with fire roasted green chilies, pepper jack cheese, bacon, lettuce, Roma tomatoes, avocado, and made from scratch chipotle aioli. Top it all off with some of the best beers that Big Bear has to offer, and Fire Rock is a no brainer. See all they have to offer at 618 Pine Knot Ave.

Nottinghams Restaurant

There is something for everyone at Nottinhams Restaurant. This diverse menu definitely crescendos in the burger section. Go with the classic “Notti Burger” with avocado, bacon, cheddar cheese, and your toppings of choice atop a brioche bun, or go with something a bit more adventurous. Whichever burger you choose, you can be sure it is made with the most quality ingredients that the Big Bear area has to offer. Find these amazing burgers at 40797 Big Bear Blvd.

Digest in a Beautiful Vacation Home

With burgers this delicious in town, you are going to want to make sure you have a wonderful place to take naps while you are in town. In homes provided by Big Bear Vacations, you will find so much more than a cozy place to take a nap. While the guest’s comfort is ensured by high-end furniture, cozy beds, fireplaces, and more, you will also find a wonderful place to spend time with friends and family. Enjoy spacious living rooms, decks and balconies with great views, gourmet kitchens, and so much more. You will find a great selection of homes, but you will also find one of the most user-friendly platforms to find the perfect one for you. Browse our selection today and book your Big Bear getaway!

While you can generally count on beautiful weather in Big Bear, California, a few rainy days are inevitable. While this weather may restrict your outdoor opportunities, do not worry because there is still plenty to provide you with an amazing and memorable day. The following are the top 5 rainy day Big Bear activities.

Big Bear Discovery Center

This is the perfect place to visit if you still want to enjoy and appreciate this beautiful area without getting wet. You can do this by checking out countless exhibits that explore the natural phenomena occurring here. Find Big Bear Discovery Center at 40971 North Shore Drive.

Do Some Shopping

Whether you want to go on a shopping spree or you just want to admire countless amazing crafts, you can find some of the most amazing shopping opportunities in the village in Big Bear. You can find your favorite national stores as well as soon-to-be-favorite local shops.

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Visit Some Art Galleries

Just because you are restricted to the indoors does not mean you cannot admire incredible beauty. Find countless amazing galleries throughout the village area that explore every medium. A good place to start is Artisans Etc at 40729 Village Dr, but there are countless more just a short walk away.

Spend a Relaxing Day at the Bookstore

There are few things more blissful than exploring the charm of a local book store with a cup of coffee in your hand. This is especially true within the charming ambiance of Bearly Used Books. Head to 40729 Village Dr and spend the day enjoying the rain with a good book and leave with a souvenir.

Spend Some Time in the House

Spending time in a vacation rental may not sound so exhilarating, but that is only because you have not seen the vacation homes provided by Big Bear Vacations. You will find everything in these homes from the comforts of home to the luxuries of fancy resorts. Spend time playing cards or board games around a spacious dining room. Curl up together on cozy and high-end furniture and enjoy a movie on the flat screen in the living room. Spend some time preparing amazing meals in a gourmet kitchen that provides convenience as well as beauty. And at the end of the day find blissful comfort in cozy beds. To take your Big Bear vacation to the next level, contact us today!

While there are seasons when tourist crowds dwindle in Big Bear, there are no times throughout the year that do not offer endless opportunities for fun and beauty. The fall is a time in which the crowds of summer have dissipated, but great weather and a lively community still afford many great experiences. The following are the top five Big Bear activities for the perfect fall trip.

Check out the Beach

There are some fine beaches along the Big Bear Lake coast that offer perfect spots for fun in the sun during the fall. The weather is still nice, and you can expect much smaller crowds than you would find during the summer at one of these beaches. The East Boat Ramp Beach is a great option on the east side of the lake, as it provides a wide area of fine sand along with amenities like public restrooms and more.

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Catch Some Fish

The fall presents some of the last opportunities to throw a line out from the shore and catch some fish before the lake freezes over. With the water temperature becoming colder every day, these are the perfect conditions for catching a whole bunch of trout, which the lake is famous for. Enjoy this within the gorgeous weather of Big Bear’s fall season.

Take in the Fall Colors

Big Bear is the place to go in Southern California if you are looking for the vibrant and classic colors of fall. You will be met by the amazing sights of changing leaves every time you venture outside, but there are a few opportunities that allow you to see this change from an incredible perspective. Take the scenic sky chair to get to Snow Summit where you can see the entire area or take a tour on the Miss Liberty Tour Boat to see these colors all around you.

Big Bear Oktoberfest

Big Bear Oktoberfest is a big deal. So much so that it spans every weekend from September 8th through the end of October at the Big Bear Convention Center. Once you have been to one Big Bear Oktoberfest celebration, all others will likely fall short. Of course, you will be met with all of the delicious German beer and food that you can handle, but there is also great live music, dancing, and other performances.

Go for a Hike

These are the last opportunities to trek this beautiful wilderness before you must break out the snowshoes, so you should take advantage of the great sights and weather with a hike! There are so many amazing hikes throughout the area, meaning there is something for everyone, whether you are looking for a challenging jaunt or a casual stroll.

Find a Beautiful Vacation Rental to Relax After All the Big Bear Activities

The final secret is to take advantage of the amazing real estate in the area by renting a beautiful vacation home. There are no wrong choices when picking between the homes in this area, but there is once choice that stands out from the rest when it comes to the vacation rental company you go through, and that choice is always Big Bear Vacations. We are one of the most renowned firms in the area, and for good reason, as our selection and services are surpassed by no one. Browse endless cabins, condos, homes, cottages, and more or contact us today for more information on our rentals and Big Bear activities!

Traveling with young children can come with its share of obstacles and difficulties. The best way to overcome this and ensure that everyone has an amazing time is to have a good idea of what you will do that everyone will love. The good thing is the area has no shortage of Big Bear kid activities. You will find endless ways you spend fun and quality time with the whole family, whether you have infants or teenagers.

Big Bear Alpine Zoo

Big Bear Alpine Zoo is sure to provide hours of fun for the kids, but also the adults in the party. Seeing the animals that inhabit this area of the world is a captivating experience, especially for young people. It is always an amazing experience to see the look on a child’s face when they see a bald eagle, a massive bear, majestic bobcats, and countless more amazing animals. Find this unique experience at 43285 Goldmine Dr.

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Hop Aboard the Miss Liberty Paddlewheel Tour Boat

This is an amazing experience for everyone, but it especially valuable for the kids as they can really appreciate the beauty of this place from a new perspective. Enjoy the beautiful sights of the town and peaks from this beautiful boat while you learn about the area. You can enjoy the added plus that you will be on a boat, so you can relax knowing nobody will wander off.

Play Games Together at a Beautiful Vacation Rental

It is amazing how staying in a vacation home as opposed to a hotel can increase the amount of fun and quality time you can spend with the family. This is especially true within the high-quality homes provided by Big Bear Vacations. You can certainly find plenty of privacy throughout these spacious homes, but everyone having a little time to themselves goes a long way in making the time you spend together that much better. Play cards or board games around a crackling fire on cozy furniture in the living room. Cook meals for one another in a beautiful, gourmet kitchen. Enjoy those meals in an elegant yet cozy dining room. And at the end of the night, retire to your bedrooms for some much-needed rest for the next day’s adventures. Find the perfect vacation home for the whole family today!