While there are seasons when tourist crowds dwindle in Big Bear, there are no times throughout the year that do not offer endless opportunities for fun and beauty. The fall is a time in which the crowds of summer have dissipated, but great weather and a lively community still afford many great experiences. The following are the top five Big Bear activities for the perfect fall trip.

Check out the Beach

There are some fine beaches along the Big Bear Lake coast that offer perfect spots for fun in the sun during the fall. The weather is still nice, and you can expect much smaller crowds than you would find during the summer at one of these beaches. The East Boat Ramp Beach is a great option on the east side of the lake, as it provides a wide area of fine sand along with amenities like public restrooms and more.

Catch Some Fish

The fall presents some of the last opportunities to throw a line out from the shore and catch some fish before the lake freezes over. With the water temperature becoming colder every day, these are the perfect conditions for catching a whole bunch of trout, which the lake is famous for. Enjoy this within the gorgeous weather of Big Bear’s fall season.

Take in the Fall Colors

Big Bear is the place to go in Southern California if you are looking for the vibrant and classic colors of fall. You will be met by the amazing sights of changing leaves every time you venture outside, but there are a few opportunities that allow you to see this change from an incredible perspective. Take the scenic sky chair to get to Snow Summit where you can see the entire area or take a tour on the Miss Liberty Tour Boat to see these colors all around you.

Big Bear Oktoberfest

Big Bear Oktoberfest is a big deal. So much so that it spans every weekend from September 8th through the end of October at the Big Bear Convention Center. Once you have been to one Big Bear Oktoberfest celebration, all others will likely fall short. Of course, you will be met with all of the delicious German beer and food that you can handle, but there is also great live music, dancing, and other performances.

Go for a Hike

These are the last opportunities to trek this beautiful wilderness before you must break out the snowshoes, so you should take advantage of the great sights and weather with a hike! There are so many amazing hikes throughout the area, meaning there is something for everyone, whether you are looking for a challenging jaunt or a casual stroll.

Find a Beautiful Vacation Rental to Relax After All the Big Bear Activities

The final secret is to take advantage of the amazing real estate in the area by renting a beautiful vacation home. There are no wrong choices when picking between the homes in this area, but there is once choice that stands out from the rest when it comes to the vacation rental company you go through, and that choice is always Big Bear Vacations. We are one of the most renowned firms in the area, and for good reason, as our selection and services are surpassed by no one. Browse endless cabins, condos, homes, cottages, and more or contact us today for more information on our rentals and Big Bear activities!

Traveling with young children can come with its share of obstacles and difficulties. The best way to overcome this and ensure that everyone has an amazing time is to have a good idea of what you will do that everyone will love. The good thing is the area has no shortage of Big Bear kid activities. You will find endless ways you spend fun and quality time with the whole family, whether you have infants or teenagers.

Big Bear Alpine Zoo

Big Bear Alpine Zoo is sure to provide hours of fun for the kids, but also the adults in the party. Seeing the animals that inhabit this area of the world is a captivating experience, especially for young people. It is always an amazing experience to see the look on a child’s face when they see a bald eagle, a massive bear, majestic bobcats, and countless more amazing animals. Find this unique experience at 43285 Goldmine Dr.

Hop Aboard the Miss Liberty Paddlewheel Tour Boat

This is an amazing experience for everyone, but it especially valuable for the kids as they can really appreciate the beauty of this place from a new perspective. Enjoy the beautiful sights of the town and peaks from this beautiful boat while you learn about the area. You can enjoy the added plus that you will be on a boat, so you can relax knowing nobody will wander off.

Play Games Together at a Beautiful Vacation Rental

It is amazing how staying in a vacation home as opposed to a hotel can increase the amount of fun and quality time you can spend with the family. This is especially true within the high-quality homes provided by Big Bear Vacations. You can certainly find plenty of privacy throughout these spacious homes, but everyone having a little time to themselves goes a long way in making the time you spend together that much better. Play cards or board games around a crackling fire on cozy furniture in the living room. Cook meals for one another in a beautiful, gourmet kitchen. Enjoy those meals in an elegant yet cozy dining room. And at the end of the night, retire to your bedrooms for some much-needed rest for the next day’s adventures. Find the perfect vacation home for the whole family today!

When it comes to a Big Bear vacation, the longer the better. This is because you could spend an incredible amount of time here and still not see, do, and taste everything. With that being said, you can certainly get a good feel for the place while having an amazing time throughout a simple weekend getaway, but it never hurts to have an idea of how you will get the most out of your time here. The following are a few tips on during your 48 hour Big Bear vacation.

Day One of Your Big Bear Vacation

When you see this beautiful place, you are going to want to jump right into some exploring. But make sure you get a delicious bite to eat beforehand, which you can find at any number of Big Bear classics, like Peppercorn Grill, which offers quality American fare. Now that you are all fueled up, it is time to take advantage of this unparalleled natural beauty! There are many ways to do this, but hiking is always a good place to start. Find a medium difficulty hike and beautiful views in a local favorite in Castle Rock Trail, or just go for a simple stroll along the north shore of the lake on the Alpine Pedal Path Trail. Find a beautiful spot to settle down and break out the picnic for a pleasant lunch. As the light begins to fade from the sky, hop on the scenic sky chair at Snow Summit. This one-mile journey up the mountain culminates with the best views in town—the perfect cherry on top of the first day in Big Bear.

Day Two Adventures

Now that it is day two and you have been acquainted with the area, it is time to hit the lake! There are so many ways that you can get a full day of fun at the lake. For starters, you can simply find a nice section of shoreline and relax on the shore, go for refreshing swims, cast a line out for some relaxing fishing, and more. If you want to take it to the next level, rent a speed boat, sail boat, jet skis, or anything in between from a variety of places like Big Bear Marina on the South Shore. Along with your lake adventures, you can explore the streets of town, finding art galleries, bars, venues, endless restaurants, and much more.

Find the Vacation Home of your Dreams

The first step in ensuring your 48 hour Big Bear vacation is as amazing as possible is booking a vacation rental that you will love. Since it is important to get good rest while in Big Bear in order to ensure you can explore the area to the fullest, it is important to find a vacation rental with quality accommodations from the beds and furnishings to the amenities like fireplaces, gourmet kitchens, balconies, and everything in between. The best way to find yourself in a beautiful and comfortable home is by taking advantage of the services of the professionals at Big Bear Vacations. Not only do we provide the best homes in town, we can offer insight into how to really enjoy a Big Bear vacation. Contact us today to start your Big Bear adventure!

Trips to Big Bear come with beautiful sights and plenty of fresh air. While the cool breezes of this alpine landscape often bring relief from stifling temperatures you can find in the valley of Los Angeles, relentless sunny weather can lead to some hot days in Big Bear. Do not worry though, as there are plenty of ways to keep cool during your time in Big Bear. The following are just a few Big Bear activities that are fun and offer a way to beat the heat of summer.

Get out on the Water

Life is always a little better out on the water, and in this case, it is always cooler as well! There are so many ways to do this. The first is heading to North Shore Landing, where you have many options for renting watercraft. You can go simple and rent paddle boards or kayaks, or you can go all out with jet skis or a speed boat. If you are not looking to rent a watercraft, perhaps you should take advantage of the Miss Liberty Tour Boat. With plenty of shade and cool lake breezes, this experience provides a cool way to learn about Big Bear and see the sights of the town from a totally new perspective.

Check Out the Big Bear Discovery Center

The Big Bear Discovery Center essentially provides a celebration of everything that is amazing about the area. The focus here is largely on the natural wonders of the area. You can explore this through countless exhibits that delve into some of the history and natural phenomena of the area. During the hot months, they even offer fun nighttime activities that are perfect for the whole family. Find it at 40971 North Shore Drive.

Visit the Magic Mountain Recreation Area

There is so much to love about a visit to Magic Mountain. Firstly, its offers a great way to stay cool on toasty summer days with a variety of water slides that everyone in your group is sure to enjoy. But the fun here goes far beyond staying cool, most notably with the famous alpine slide, which provides a fun and safe luge experience on dry land. Check it out at 800 Wildrose Lane.


Keep Cool in Your Own Vacation Rental

One of the most important decisions you can make during your stay here is in deciding where you will actually stay. The good news is there are many amazing options that provide a cozy and beautiful place to keep cool while you are here, and finding the perfect option for you is easier than ever thanks to Big Bear Vacations. Our experience and knowledge allow us to offer the most diverse and quality list of vacation homes. Contact us today to book your stay!

On the surface, it is easy to see why people love travelling to Big Bear. A massive lake affords endless recreational opportunities, while endless beauty makes it a place of incredible relaxation. But there are also so many things that are not as obvious, but go just as far in making it a one of a kind place. The following are five things that you probably did not know about Big Bear.

Many People Have Enjoyed the Area Before You

Big Bear has a rich history of human inhabitants that dates back further than you may think. Thousands of years ago, Native Americans lived here, with numbers in Southern California around 30,000. Throughout Spanish colonization of the area, the number had dropped incredibly low by the start of the 20th century. It is clear that people have always been attracted to the one of a kind beauty that this land has to offer.

The Lake Has Not Always Been There

It is hard to imagine this area without this beautiful lake, but before the late 19th century, people did not have to imagine. The lake began to form after 1883 when the first dam was built here. This man-made wonder has made this an amazing place for all the lake fun that we all love as the summer rolls around.

It is One of the Many Birthplaces of the Sport of Skiing

What most people know about Big Bear is that it offers some of the best mountains and weather for skiing throughout all of California, but in the early 20th century, there was virtually no market for it. It was not until a few innovative folks had the idea to use the amazing natural conditions here to compete through skiing that the industry exploded here and throughout the country.

The Town is Frequented by Professional Bike Riders

This is due to the great elevation of the town around 7,000 feet and the incredible biking opportunities throughout the area. Whether you are looking for road bicycling or mountain biking, you can find some of the best trails and roads for doing so.

Big Bear is the Scene of Many 30’s and 40’s Hollywood Films

Films like Gone with the Wind and Old Yeller have created a familiarity with Big Bear for so many people. This is a testament to how beautiful and unique the area looks. One thing is for sure, the movies do not quite do it justice.

Here is Something About Big Bear: The Town is Home to Beautiful Homes

It is home to beautiful vacation homes to be specific. This is yet another reason that Big Bear is such a phenomenal place to visit. Whether you are looking for a quaint lakeside cottage or something fit for a king, you can find it in the wonderful homes provided by Big Bear Cabins. See for yourself by browsing our selection of rental homes today!

As 4th of July comes around, millions of Americans are deciding how they should celebrate the freedoms of this country this year. A small portion of this group will decide to visit Big Bear, California, and they are likely to have the greatest experience of all of them. This is due to all of the fun summer activities and beauty in Big Bear, along with some amazing festivities and fireworks displays that will blow you away this year. The following are some of the best of these shows in Big Bear.

Big Bear 4th of July Fireworks Spectacular

You will come across many events that offer a little bit of everything on top of a fireworks show, like games and music. This is not the case here, as the sole purpose of this event is to provide the very best fireworks show in all of Southern California, and they have been succeeding for years. Endless spectacular fireworks will be shot off a barge on the lake just off Pine Knot Landing, beginning sometime between 8:45 and 9:15 on July 4th. The best part of the event is you can view it free of charge from any of the public parks on the shores of the lake! If you want to make it a truly unforgettable experience, try getting out on the lake on a boat for the festivities.

Above the Boom

These Big Bear 4th of July festivities take you up to 8,200 feet in order to enjoy the incredible Fireworks Spectacular. These festivities take place at Snow Summit at 880 Summit Boulevard and features a delicious BBQ dinner, live music, games for the kids, a complimentary glass of champagne, and of course, the best views in town. Begin the festivities with the peaceful mile-long ascent up the Summit’s Scenic Sky Chair, after which you can take advantage of all the fun and delicious festivities the party has to offer.

Top It Off with a Beautiful Place to Stay

After having all of the fun that Big Bear 4th of July has to offer, you will want to have a cozy and beautiful place to go home to and rest up. People often go for the hotels, but these accommodations do not provide nearly the same comfort, privacy, and luxury that you very own vacation home will surely provide. In order to find an amazing vacation rental, there is no service more thorough than that provided by Big Bear Vacations. Our wide variety of homes and cabins makes us the very best vacation rental company in town. Contact us today to book your stay for 4th of July!

If you are planning a trip to big bear, it is likely in order to take advantage of the incredible beauty that the area provides. Once you arrive though, you will find endless other things to fall in love with. Many of these things are facilitated by the natural landscape, but many others are provided by a vibrant community. Incredible farmers’ markets throughout the week are a great example of this. The following are a couple of the best farmers’ markets in town.

High Desert Farmers’ Market

For 25 years, this farmers’ market had provided a wonderful reason for the community to get together and enjoy some of the amazing natural goods that make Big Bear so unique. It all revolves around produce that is fresher and more natural than that which you can find at your typical grocery store. Add incredible local arts from endless vendors and amazing food to enjoy while you are here and you have an experience that is unique to Big Bear. This awesome celebration is taking place every Tuesday between From April through September. You can find the best market in town at the Convention Center at the corner of Division and Big Bear Blvd.

Add the Perfect Place to Stay

A trip to Big Bear provides endless opportunities for amazing memories. The community also provides endless beautiful places to call home during your time here. And it has never been easier to find the perfect place for you among countless beautiful homes and cabins than it is with Big Bear Vacations, the best vacation rental company in town. You focus on your vacation and leave the logistics to the professionals here!

I grew up in rural Idaho where agriculture was the major staple of our little town. A town where it was normal to see someone riding their horse down the middle of the street, or tie it to the post out front.

I do miss living on a farm. There’s nothing like it. Listening to the sprinklers Bear Valley Farm Petting Zooon the crops, the frogs at night, a million stars and lots of hard work! You can get a glimpse of farm life at Bear Valley Farms.

Bear Valley Farms and Equestrian Center recently opened in Big Bear, so I went to check it out. I mean I had to, these are my kind of people! You can learn how to ride a horse there – I recommend it. Even if you are terrified of the large animals you should at least once in your life, go for a horseback ride. The beauty is they offer classes from beginner to advanced. It’s also important to note that they provide therapeutic classes for a variety of special needs.

Want to come rent a cabin from Big Bear Vacations, but don’t know where to board your horse? Look no further! BVF also offers boarding and you can trail ride from there as well. Let the knowledgeable staff take care of your steed. You can find out more about their affordable rates on their website: www.bigbearequestriancenter.com

There is also a petting zoo. This is where my little kid self kicks in! They have bunnies, tiny goats, regular goats and pigs.  It’s a great place to take your little ones to see different kinds of animals.  And come on – let’s be real – who doesn’t adore baby goats? Anyone? I didn’t think so.

This Saturday, July 12, they will have a bounce house, food and drinks. You can also take a pony and/or hay ride and enter the petting zoo as many times as you would like! $15 for adults and $12 for children under 12 (Tip of the day: If you stay with Big Bear Vacations, you get in for free). Hours of operation are 11 a.m. – 4 p.m.  So pull up your breeches and go check out some good hometown family fun!

Bear Valley Farms is also thinking ahead, they have a pumpkin patch and a corn maze in the making! Once you visit you are going to love it and Fall will be a great time to revisit this awesome place.

Whether you have never been around farm animals, or you are an expert there is something for everyone at Bear Valley Farms. We also have Big Bear Cabins close to Bear Valley Farms so call a Vacation Planner today and let’s get this party started!

As an American I always feel just a little bit more patriotic than usual during this time of year. I mean, it’s our Independence Day! I am grateful to be free and I appreciate the freedoms that I have. Last year was my first Fourth of July in Big Bear Lake and it was awesome!

4th of July on the Lake

I had only lived here about four weeks last year when the fourth of July rolled around – some of my newfound friends invited me to go out on their boat to watch the fireworks. I was skeptical; small town, small fireworks. Boy was I wrong. The firework display is one of the best I’ve ever seen – and I’ve seen quite a few.

The music was great, the company was fantastic and fireworks were incredible!

There are all kinds of activities in Big Bear Lake to celebrate 4th of July.

Whether you are coming up to BBQ with your family, spend the day on the lake, or watch the fireworks, there is something for everyone! If you haven’t booked your cabin yet, give the Vacation Planners at Big Bear Vacations a call or search for your big bear cabin here.

Snow Summit always has something going on. But this year’s event is called, “Above the Boom.” Catchy right?! They will have dinner, drinks, live music, kids activities, etc. I mean, you can ride the lift up to the top of the mountain and watch the fireworks at 8200 feet elevation!!! Great view of the fireworks from up there. For more information go to: www.bigbearmountainresorts.com

If Snow Summit isn’t your thing that’s okay! We’ve got more!

The Rotary and Marina Resort will host a BBQ on the lake. This is a great spot to view the fireworks and there will be a DJ to keep it rockin’. Price: $20 – $100, call: 800-424- 4232.

Miss Liberty Paddleboat Fourth of July Cruise. You can board the boat and watch the fireworks explode above the lake. Hors d’oeurves, drink tickets and best view of the star-spangled skies. $100 per person.

Captain John’s Independence Day Extravaganza! DJ Reggae music, bring your own picnic, BBQ’s and coolers. Huge beach – bring your chair and blankets and all party needs!

The Pine Lakefront Fourth of July Celebration. You can choose from Pines Garden Patio and the Pines Terrace both buffets will be ready. Music by Fantasy and live feed from KBHR radio during the fireworks. $75-95. Call: 909-866- 5400 for reservations.

The Village is always free for firework viewing! You can set up your spot on Pine Knot then wander around until the show begins.

As always, Big Bear Vacations wishes you the happiest of holidays!

Holcomb Fire – Big Bear Lake

First and foremost Big Bear Vacations would like to express our sincere gratitude to all of the firefighters that are up here battling the Holcomb Fire.

The fire is northeast of Big Bear Lake, in an area called Holcomb. It has also come close to Baldwin Lake which is part of Big Bear. There were evacuations, which have since been rescinded. We have had several calls inquiring about the safety of visitors coming up the Mountain. I’m here to provide some intel!

Fires can be scary and what you see on the news can make it seem like the entire mountain top is on fire. Well folks, it’s not. I’ll admit that I got a bit nervous yesterday. The smoke was visible, we had rolling power outages, more and more firefighters were showing up from all over the place. But today is a different story. It’s all blue skies in Big Bear today. I did some recon – I wanted to see what was happening. More firefighters means the resources we need are being provided.

Here are some statistics:

1200 acres with 10% containment
1072 firefighters
66 Engines
6 Water Tenders
24 Hand Crews
4 Air Tankers
9 Helicopters

On my jaunt about town I stopped at the lake to watch the helicopters. One after another, after another. They just kept coming. There were three in the lake at one time and it’s impressive. While us locals are protective of  our water – we are gladly giving it up to stop this fire!

The power is up and running today. The air quality is, as it always is up here. There is not a haze of smoke hovering over us making everyone wheeze and cough. It’s a beautiful day and we are not worried about our safety, nor the safety of our guests. Big Bear Vacations strives for excellent customer service and would not put our guests in jeopardy. We want you to have fun here and keep coming back!

The only road closure is Highway 18 from Big Bear to Lucerne. That leaves two ways up and back down the mountain. Totally safe!

So go ahead and keep your reservation. It’ll be bragging rights later: “Remember the fire in 2017 – yeah we were there, it was nothing, but check out this awesome video I got of the helicopters getting water from the lake.”

If you were considering booking a Big Bear Cabin this week/weekend, but had a doubt about whether or not to come – the answer is do it! Come to Big Bear and enjoy the first weekend of summer! Let the vacation planners at Big Bear Vacations help you! 877-417-6504.

If you want to see the information for yourself here are my top website picks: