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The natural landscape of Big Bear is one of breathtaking beauty, with tall green trees punctuating the meadows, majestic mountains standing guard in the background, and the lake shimmering in the foreground. Everywhere you turn, you find yet another detail that amazes you with its stunning appearance, and you have to wonder, can it get any better than this? The answer can be found in the skies, and the Big Bear Solar Observatory is the best place to view the beauty up above.

A World-Renowned Destination

The Big Bear Solar Observatory on North Shore Lane provides a comprehensive destination for experts and scholars to study the cosmos with the most modernized tools available. Operated and owned by the New Jersey Institute of Technology, the observatory first opened in 1997 and has been on a path of innovative discovery ever since. The Big Bear Solar Observatory is home to the Goode Telescope which proudly bears the title of one of the most powerful telescopes on the planet. It’s waterfront address in southern California makes it a prime location for scientists and researchers to observe the surface of the sun.

While the Goode Telescope is perhaps the most well-known, the observatory plays host to a number of other high-powered telescopes that are constantly searching the skies in pursuit of reaching new scientific limits. Three on-site buildings provide a place from which these additional telescopes can successfully scan the skies. Telescopic contributors include a hydrogen-alpha solar flare patrol telescope, an earthshine telescope and a Global Oscillation Network Group telescope. Funding to keep the observatory a world-class operation comes from a variety of international grants. The U.S. Air Force, National Science Foundation alongside The Korean National Science Foundation and many other contributors make the work at this incredible observatory possible.

Tours That Inspire

Beginning in 2016, the Big Bear Solar Observatory began opening its doors to the public in the name of cosmic encounters and education. These no-cost opportunities occur on the 2nd and 4th Thursday of each month and require a reservation as places tend to fill up quickly. The Big Bear Valley Astronomical Society has partnered with the observatory to provide knowledgeable and friendly guides that lead tours and educate visitors on the origins, work and future goals of this establishment. While children are welcome on tours with an accompanying adult, careful supervision is of the upmost importance as guests browse the world-class scientific equipment that researchers and scientists use to analyze the sun on a telescopic level. Guides provide sufficient time to answer any and all questions that visitors have, making this an educational and engaging tour that lets the imagination roam beyond the limits of our own world.

A Place to Stay Under the Sun

When you’ve had the chance to learn about to observe the sun, make sure you’ve booked a vacation home that reaps the benefits of its beautiful rays here on Earth. The team at Big Bear Vacations is happy to help you find a property that’s perfect for you and those you travel with. Whether you’re looking for a spacious patio for star gazing or a private hot tub to take in the night time sky in style, we’ll find a home that fits. Contact us today to plan your next getaway to Big Bear.

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