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Big Bear Farmers Market

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The Big Bear Mountains are home to some truly spectacular natural views and wonders. Outdoor enthusiasts come from near and far to explore the rugged terrain, incredible wildlife, and spectacular scenery when the summer months arrive. While it’s amazing to explore, this area also serves up a tasty treat in the form of the Big Bear Farmers Market.

A Fresh Take on Big Bear

Every Tuesday, April through the end of September between 8:30 am and 1:00 pm, visitors and locals are invited to come to indulge in the flavors and colors that let you know the Big Bear Farmers Market is in full swing. Come on over and enjoy mingling with other tourists and locals alike and see for yourself why this has quickly become a local favorite and looked forward to all week long. This farm to table experience is hosted at the corner of Division and Big Bear Boulevard towards the corner of the Big Bear Convention Center. The Big Bear Farmers Market provides the perfect opportunity for California farmers to display and sell their goods much to the delight of those visiting and browsing. All farmers at this farm-fresh market are certified, California-based growers who pride themselves on offering up top-quality products and produce. You not only have a chance to socialize and enjoy yourself but help to support local farmers and businesses; it really is a win-win situation for all parties involved! Further, you’re sure to find that the locally grown produce is not only fresher, but as more time to ripen and develop those unique flavors that we all love. Due to the climate and the growing style, you will find that the various fruits and vegetables are even more nutritious, or at the very least far more satisfying to dine upon. Whether you’re in the mood for fish, vegetables or food, the Big Bear Farmers Market is a wonderful place to pick up something savory or even find a little tchotchke to remember your stay in the area.

Crafts and Beyond

While the highlight of the Big Bear Farmers Market is the fresh food, visitors will have a chance to browse merchandise from a variety of on-site vendors that includes everything from hand-crafted art to Avon products. Candles, carpets and vintage finds are all a part of a day spent wandering and enjoying the atmosphere at The Big Bear Farmers Market.

Locally Loved

This farmers market is loved for its farm-fresh take on an afternoon of shopping, but the experience is also dedicated to supporting local businesses. In the name of promoting local shopping opportunities, many food stands, trucks, and sample tables set up for this Tuesday event in the hopes of spreading the word about their business. Feel free to dig in and indulge in some local flavors when you try everything from local coffee full of complex flavors to help wake you up and give you that little burst of afternoon energy to tacos made and created with the utmost care, and even cool lemonade for those hot summer days. You’ll also fine the classic favorite of shaved ice for that special frozen sweet, as well as all American hotdogs perfect for layering on the condiments before biting into your juicy treat. Make sure you also check out the classic favorite of kettle corn which is sure to give just the right amount of festive feel to the occasion, or perhaps a warm tamale is more to your liking. You’ll even find unique items such as pizza fries, which are always worth a taste. and just about everything else in-between. However, make sure you fully explore the various venders to find a special goodie to take home to eat later, from flavorful and strong goat cheese to expertly made jerky, sweet cakes and baked goods, and even homemade honey for the following mornings breakfast. If you’re feeling a tad chilly, check out the various tea vendors for the perfect flavor to add to your morning routine. One can even find homemade kombucha for those who enjoy the taste of the unique fermented beverage. For the cooks out the expertly made mushrooms that might not be the typical vendor treat but are nonetheless sure to be a quick favorite that will have you craving more soon after finishing the final bite. All in all, you are sure to find a lovely afternoon here at the farmers market, and chances are if you look close enough you will find that perfect item or treat that you hadn’t realized you so desperately wanted.

A Big Bear Favorite

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