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Big Bear Lake Fishing Association Fishing Festival at Pine Knot Marina

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The beautiful lakes and waterways that make up the Big Bear, California region provide the perfect place for anglers to get out and cast a line. Teeming with a variety of trout, Big Bear Lake has long been an oasis for those looking for a place to get away and get into their favorite sport or hobby. The Big Bear Lake Fishing Association has long been renowned as a primary resource when it comes to Southern California’s Alpine lake fishing scene and in 2019, the association is hosting 5 tournaments that will inevitably beckon to anglers from near and far. While the summer tournaments are bound to please, May 18-20th will be dedicated to the much-loved spring fishing festival at Pine Knot Marina.

Festival and Tournament Details

The Big Bear Lake Fishing Association Fishing Festival at Pine Knot Marina is a great way to kick off the spring season and an event that provides tons of family-friendly fun. You are sure to find there is a reason so many look forward to the event and sit with bated breath gripping their reels which they hope will cement them in local legend. This three-day celebration of angling provides opportunities for fishing enthusiasts of all ages to get out on the water and test out their skills. Participants are registered according to age with 18 and up being considered an adult participant, thus no matter the ages in your party, each person can enjoy the thrill of competition mixed with the peaceful tranquility of fishing. All this truly makes for the perfect outing for your family this spring vacation. Anglers can pick a single species to fish or a combination to increase their chances of reeling in the biggest fish of them all! Considering the lake is well stocked with all manner of fish to ensure an interesting experience, you’ll find a variety of different species to tempt. This includes the rainbow trout, which is the most popular of the lake’s fishy species, and the channel catfish, for those looking for a challenge given the time of year. You’ll also find various species of panfish including bluegill, pumpkinseed, and crappie. Finally, if you’re looking for that classic whopper, and a particular challenge since they typically are fished in summer, then keep an eye out for the largemouth bass who live in under the still waters. Weigh-ins occur at the end of each tournament day with prizes being awarded based on length and weight.

Fun Beyond Fishing

Day one of the festival and tournament play host to a vendor show where guests can browse some of the most innovative products on the market and enjoy some window shopping while they prepare to head out and seek their fame and fortune upon the waters. A fishing club booth dedicated to young anglers ensures that those learning to fish have the tools, guidance, and gear necessary to be successful on the water. Family members who are at the festival to support fellow anglers will want to take advantage of discounts on paddlewheel boat tours that travel the lake when competition isn’t happening. With food, drinks and fun everywhere you look, the fishing festival at Pine Knot Marina is sure to please everyone in the family. Pine Knot Marina is conveniently located at 439 Point Knot Avenue for those looking to participate in the event.

Make It a Full Day Outing

After the event, make sure you check out all the other ways one can enjoy a day at the marina. For instance, after registering your catch/catches rent a boat and enjoy some fishing without the pressure of competition, or perhaps get a jet ski and tear up the waters as you satisfy your need for speed. For those looking for a slightly more quiet and tranquil experience, why not rent a kayak or a paddle board? It is the perfect way to finish off the afternoon. The marina even offers a water sports school that is good for all ages. This school will teach you all you need to know to be showing off your skill on the lake. You can even hire one of the experts to captain your boat as you get hands on experience while an experienced driver handles the technical aspects. So, not only does the fishing festival allow for a lovely activity with your family, but after it’s ended you can make your trip to the marina into an all-day event that you are sure to always look back upon and remember fondly.

Cast a Line and Stay to Enjoy Big Bear

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