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Top Strange Big Bear Attractions

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We love a good road trip, and if we happen to run across the biggest ball of yarn or tallest cross while out and about, we just HAVE to stop! And since we have discovered over the years that many of our guests share our same interest in the weird and wacky, we made sure to include a list of the top strange Big Bear attractions that can be found during your stay in Big Bear. Life is more interesting when you stop and take the time to smell the roses.

The Shoe Tree, AKA the Old Hanging Tree

Today, the shoe tree’s purpose is a bit more mundane than it was back in the gold rush days. Originally used as a hanging tree for the various criminals who tried to claim jump (steal someone else’s legally acquired land for the gold), the ghosts of those reprobates may still be lingering. The shoes that hang from the tree today are a colorful reminder that its ok to stay in touch with Big Bear’s weird side. However, many of our older generation think it’s a sacrilege, and depending on what’s going on at the time, it may be bare. Find it located along Route 3 on the north side of Big Bear Lake.

Big Bear’s Champion Lodge Pole Pine Tree

We like old things and we like big things, and Big Bear’s Champion Lodge Pole Pine Tree combines the best of both! Standing over 110 feet tall and having lived over 450 years, this tree can be compared to the famous redwoods in other regions of California. You have to hike to get to it, but it’s definitely worth the effort to view Big Bear attractions. Located about 4 ½ miles off Highway 38 along Mill Creek Road, you’ll keep making rights at the forks, then one last right at 2N11 and continue for another mile until you reach the trailhead. You’ll know immediately when you have reached your destination; it’s really difficult to miss!

Time Bandits Movie Pirate Ship

80s movie fans will be thoroughly “geeked” to discover that the pirate ship from the Time Bandits movie can be found on the waters of Big Bear Lake! Offering tours every day of the week from 12:00 until 12:00 at a cost, if you’re trying to save money, taking pictures in front of the cool old movie prop is absolutely free!

Neither Strange Nor Weird Big Bear Attractions

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