Big Bear Lake - Fox 'N Bear

Vacations can be hard on the bank account, and some of us find ourselves putting them off, thinking we just need to save a little more money, sacrifice a little more, and work even harder before we can take that vacation we’ve always dreamed of. But when you stay in a Big Bear Vacations cozy rental at the Fox N’ Bear, you might find you changing your thought process altogether!

 Why Choose Fox N' Bear

 Simplicity can be charming, and these cottages furnished with wood lodge-style tables and chairs, leather couches, and quilt covered beds offer tasteful, rustic touches, all while saving your money. Fully stocked kitchens allow you to create homemade meals that cost a fraction of what you would pay if you had to eat a restaurant, and with Big Bear Lake within walking distance, you can save money on cab rides or car rentals as you enjoy the journey and the destination! Our wood burning fireplaces provide a warm place to play games or watch television in front of, and pets are allowed, so you don’t have to leave your fur babies at home! Isn’t it time you started planning your Big Bear Lake vacation?