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Top 5 Local Big Bear Coffee Shops

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In our humble opinion, the only good thing about mornings is that exquisite cup of coffee that helps us keep from committing bad acts on the other people in our lives who are unbearably cheerful the moment they open their eyes. Rich, dark, and strong, coffee is our friend, our lover, and our partner in crime, and we all have that one favorite shop that starts making our order at the sight of us stumbling in the door each morning. And because we recognize the fellow java aficionado in you, we are here to share our list of the top five local Big Bear coffee shops. Bottoms up!

The Copper Q, 645 Pine Knot Avenue

Home to decadent desserts, savory sandwiches, and a charming boutique where you can purchase the cooking accoutrements we all love, but often forget to use, it’s the coffee that keeps us talking—literally. Strong and rich, The Copper Q is sure to wake you up quick!

Big Bear Coffee Roasting Company, 41080 Big Bear Boulevard

To serve good coffee, you have to appreciate the entire process, and Big Bear Coffee Roasting Company takes the simple cup to an entirely new level. Offering a variety of beans that they roast themselves, they understand that the road from green to rich and dark is a process that takes time, and when you take that first sip of your favorite blend, you’ll understand why this shop made it to our top five list!

Tea & Coffee Exchange, 40568 Village Drive

As much as we hate to admit it, not everyone in our families are coffee drinkers. As a matter of fact, some of our spouses are TEA fanatics! Fortunately, we are tolerant people, mostly because we know that the Tea & Coffee Exchange was opened so we don’t have to choose which shop to go to when we are out on the town! Featuring specialty teas, light meals, and delicious dark coffees, the Tea & Coffee Exchange may be able to add marriage therapist to their list of accomplishments!

Alpine Country Coffee Shop, 41546 Big Bear Boulevard

Remember when your coffee choices were dark, light, and Sanka? A cup cost a quarter, and you would drink it from a heavy white mug at the counter of your favorite diner. Well, Alpine Country Coffee Shop may charge more than a quarter for a cup, but the ambience, food, and that all important cuppa joe will bring you back to the good old days in a good way!

Moonridge Coffee, 42626 Moonridge Road

The log cabin exterior is your first hint that you are about to step into something special, and the aroma that greets you behind the big green door is positively life changing! Offering a variety of specialty coffees in addition to the simple cup of mud, Moonridge Coffee is about food, family, and the best cup of coffee north of the border!

More Than a Few of These Big Bear Coffee Shops Sell Beans

Grab a bag of your favorite blend  from your favorite of the Big Bear coffee shops to take back to your Big Bear Vacations cozy cabin and sleep late for at least one of the days of your stay! Our beds are made for happy dreams and uninterrupted sleep, and the coffee makers in our fully equipped kitchens allow you to get your first hit of the day without having to put on pants—contact us to reserve yours today!