Cancellation Policy

Founded in 1907, we have served over 1.3 million guest nights over the last 113+ years!

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Cancellation Policy

All reservations are fully refundable up to 14 days prior to arrival.

Once within 13 days of arrival and up to 8 days from arrival,  50% of the reservation value will be refunded.

Once 7 days from arrival, the reservation is non-refundable. 

NO REFUNDS will be made for cancellations due to weather, road conditions, acts of nature, mechanical or electrical failure, malfunction of spa, TV, or other equipment, or other factors beyond our control.

CSA Travel Insurance: 
You can add in CSA Travel Protection for 6.95% of your reservation. You can add this up until 10 days after making your reservation.
Here is a link to the insurance description:
Why Buy Travel Insurance
Description of Travel Insurance Coverage

Guaranteed Cancellation:
You can add in our Guaranteed Cancellation option for 10% of your reservation. This can be added up to 24 hours after making your reservation only.
Our Guaranteed cancellation covers you to cancel anytime prior to 48 hours before your arrival. You can cancel for any reason and get all of your money back except this 10% fee that is paid at the time of booking.