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Own a vacation rental In Big Bear?

What Our Homeowners Are Saying:

Had a wonderful experience using Big Bear Vacations! Their response time was quick, and their customer service was excellent! Samantha J.

Big Bear Vacations is great, they have managed my cabin for several years now. It seems each year is better than the last! Michael C.

Big Bear Vacation Rental Management Services

Purchasing a vacation home is a big investment, but it doesn't have to be hard. The right rental management team should make your venture both exciting and simple.

That's where we come in.

We've been managing vacation rental properties in the Big Bear area since 1995. We know what to expect. We also invest heavily in technology and human resources that will provide you with seamless service. Let us guide you through.

Christina Lindsey is our New Homes Recruiter, and she specializes in vacation rentals in Big Bear and will provide the information you need in coming onto our rental program. Contact Christina with any questions concerning Big Bear property management of your vacation home.

Our Strategy

We're in the vacation business, and for us that means making people happy. It also means knowing the community we serve, continually innovating our marketing strategies, catering to our guests 24/7 and always staying two steps ahead in the maintenance of your home.

A Personal Touch

Personal service and customer satisfaction are the benchmarks of our success. We invest tremendous amounts of time and resource into our staff so that they are trained and ready to assist our guests. That ensures the best possible representation of your home. Our huge base of loyal customers and hundreds of satisfied homeowners are testament that we are leaders in property management Big Bear.

Innovative Marketing

In today’s marketplace, the successful promotion of your vacation rental property will happen largely in digital environments.
We saw this writing on the wall years ago, that’s why we were the first Big Bear property management company
to offer real-time online booking and a comprehensive online catalogue of our properties.

For online marketing, we focus on search engine optimization (SEO) and pay per click (PPC)
campaigns along with travel and group distribution sites and online travel agencies.
Reputation management and feedback analysis are a focus of our team every day.

Our dedicated marketing team works closely with industry leaders and local partners.
We also create campaigns for traditional media,
like magazine, newspaper, direct marketing, radio, and travel-oriented television programming.

Using the latest vacation rental lead management technology, we track every campaign, conversion and the return on every marketing dollar.
We are committed to providing the best marketing for your investment and serving it on every appropriate platform available.

24/7 Guest Services

Every member of our reservation team is a Certified Vacation Planner; they are continually monitored and coached to ensure the highest quality of service. New reservations are accepted over the phone and online 24/7.

From the initial booking experience to the day the guests arrive at our office, we are providing them with information and services. Making them feel welcome and appreciated is sacred to us.

When they arrive at their a Big Bear Vacations property, they know they can relax. All rentals are cleaned and inspected before each stay and we ensure they have multiple ways to reach our Guest Services Team should they need any assistance at all during their vacation.

We also provide a full range of concierge services that allow our guests easy access to the best of Big Bear’s four-season fun.

Home Care

Upkeep means everything to us. We know the prompt and reliable maintenance of your home is priority one, for you and for your renters. That’s why our property management Big Bear maintenance staff is available and on-call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to provide highly skilled service and repair. Through our efficient work order system, all issues are tracked from start to finish to ensure a complete job, every time. Nothing is left undone.

We also apply that same vigilance and care to our housekeeping. Our cleaning team provides well-planned, effective turnaround service, as well as consistent follow-up inspections and a range of further services such as “deep cleans,” carpet cleanings and window cleanings.