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The City of Big Bear Lake has postponed the July 4th fireworks per the governor’s recommendations to prevent large gatherings.

There are many things to do in Big Bear where you can avoid crowds and continue to comply with social distancing. Please read the bullet points of requirements and link to activities and things to do in Big Bear.

4th of July Firework show is canceled

No personal fireworks or sparklers allowed – $1000 Fine from City

Prepare for heavy holiday traffic – use alternate routes when possible (Hwy 38 and Hwy 18 through Lucerne Valley are often less traveled)

Bring your own food and supplies from home

Outdoor dining and take out only at Restaurants

Only one person at check-in, mask required

Stay with social circle in small group

Avoid crowds and practice social distancing

There are open areas to stay safe & enjoy outdoor activities

$250 Fine and Eviction if ordnance code call on any of the following 24/7

  • Disturbing The Peace
  • Over guest occupancy
  • Over car occupancy

We are Open 

Big Bear Vacations Guests

Following San Bernardino County’s lead vacation rentals are now permitted to operate in the City of Big Bear Lake. No gatherings or parties are permitted, and all guest groups should maintain 6 ft. separation from others should wear face coverings when interacting with other groups or individuals and should practice frequent hand washing and personal hygiene.

ALL vacation rental guests should bring their own food and supplies from their home community. PLEASE don’t crowd our grocery stores, and help us preserve essential food and supplies for the residents of the Big Bear Valley. Vacation rental guests are encouraged to order take-out or delivery from local restaurants, who are eager to serve you. Face coverings should be worn when interacting with restaurant staff.

Policies for Big Bear Vacation Rentals
Homes are disinfected prior to check-in using a 68 point checklist.
We cannot enter the property for any reason once the guest has checked in – this means we will troubleshoot all issues via email, text, and phone.

$250.00 fine and eviction if ordnance code call on any of the following 24/7

Disturbing the peace, over guest occupancy, over car occupancy

Keep our community safe and keep our community open by following guidelines and being respectful to neighbors.

Keep Our Community Safe and Open by following guidelines


Big Bear Vacations Cleaning Check List


  1. Clean counter tops / Limpiar mostradores
  2. Clean exterior of all appliances & items on countertops (toaster, handles, coffee maker, etc.) / Limpiar todos los aparatos de cocina
  3. Clean inside and outside of the microwave / Limpiar dentro y fuera del microondas
  4. Run water in all sinks to ensure traps are filled / Deje corer agua en todos los lavamanos para asegurarse de que las trampas estén llenas
  5. Clean inside the oven & refrigerator-take out drawers if necessary / limpiar dentro del horno y refrigerador sacar cajones si es necesario
  6. Vacuum & mop floors / Barrer y trapear piso
  7. Empty, clean inside and out and re-line trash cans / Limpiar y vaciar botes de basura
  8. Clean sink / Limpiar fregadero
  9. Clean stove top and knobs / Limpiar estufa
  10. Clean kitchen table & chairs / Limpiar mesas y sillas
  11. Empty dishwasher and wipe down / Sacar platos del lavavajillas
  12. Make sure dishes are clean and put away in cabinets & drawers / Asegurarse que todos los platos esten limpios y en los gabinetes
  13. Check dishes in cabinets to make sure they are properly cleaned / Revisar que los platos en gabinetes estén limpios
  14. Close all blinds and dust / Cerrar todas las persianas y limpiar
  15. Clean inside pantry and discard opened food / Limpiar dentro de los gabinetes
  16. Check that all lights are working and report any that are not / Revisar que todos los focos estén funcionando y reportar los que no
  17. Check window sills for any signs of leaks, cob webs and dust report if necessary / Revisar el empaque de las ventanas
  18. Check windows are locked / Revisar que todas las ventanas tengan seguro puesto


  1. Clean vanity, sinks, toilets, shower/tub and fixtures / Limpiar lavabos, inodoros, ducha/bañera
  2. Sweep & mop floors / barrer y trapear el piso
  3. Clean mirrors and frame / Limpiar espejos
  4. Empty wastebaskets / Sacar basura
  5. Clean items on countertop (toothbrush holder, soap dish, lotion bottles, etc.)
  6. Throw away any used soap / Tirar a la basura jabón usado
  7. Replace toilet paper on holder / Reemplazar el papel higiénico
  8. Dust light fixtures / Sacudir artefactos de iluminación
  9. Flush each toilet 2 times to ensure it is properly working / Jale la palanca del inodoro dos veces para asegurarse de que este funcionando correctamente
  10. Visually inspect for leaks around toilet and sink / Inspeccione que no este tirando agua inodoro ni el lavabo
  11. Run water into all sink, shower and bathtubs for 20 seconds to fill traps / Deje corer el agua en la tina por 20 segundos para llenar las trampas
  12. Check corners, under counters and along baseboard for signs of pests while property was empty / Checar las esquinas por signos de plagas mientras la propiedad estaba vacía
  13. Light bulbs ____ / Focos ____


  1. Dust all furniture / Sacudir todos los muebles
  2. Dust blinds, ceiling fans / Sacudir las persianas y abanicos de techo
  3. Clean mirrors / Limpiar espejos
  4. Clean all windows and sills / Limpiar todas las ventanas
  5. Check windows for signs of leaks
  6. Strip beds and change sheets / Quitar sabanas y poner limpias
  7. Re-make beds with clean sheets / Tender camas con sabanas limpias
  8. Wipe down inside and out and check all drawers for any items left by renters / Revisar todos los cajones por cualquier articulo olvidado por rentadores
  9. Check, clean and dust under the bed for any trash / Revisar debajo de la cama por basura
  10. Close and dust all blinds or shutters / Cerrar todas las persianas
  11. Check all lights all functioning / Verificar que todas las luces

All Rooms

  1. Clean mirrors, glass surfaces and sliding glass doors in and out / Limpiar espejos y superficies de vidrio
  2. Dust & wipe off wall hangings, pictures, light fixtures & knick knacks / Sacudir decoraciones, fotos y lámparas
  3. Vacuum all rugs and carpet areas / Aspire todas las áreas de alfombras
  4. Clean off light switches & outlets / Limpiar interruptores de luz y enchufes
  5. Sweep baseboards / Narrer los rodapiés
  6. Empty trash in all rooms / Sacar basura de todos los cuartos
  7. Dust ceiling fans and blinds / Sacudir abanicos de techo y persianas
  8. Spot clean the walls, doorknobs, and light switches / Limpiar


  1. Sweep balcony (clean patio furniture / Barrer balcón sacudir los muebles
  2. Sweep off dusty cushions / Barrer cojines con polvo
  3. Clean or replace door mats / Limpiar o reemplazar tapetes de la entrada
  4. Clean the grill – inside and out and scrape off old food from knobs / Limpiar as adores por dentro también
  5. Turn grill on to ensure it works / Prenda asador para asegurarse que funcione
  6. Check condition of all bedroom pillows before placing pillow-cases on them. If stained, discolored or faded please replace immediately / Verifique el estado de todas las almohadas de la habitación antes de colocar fundas de almohada sobre ellas. Si está manchado, descolorido o desteñido reemplácelo de inmediato.
  7. Check all ceilings for signs of water damage / Revisar techos por señales de daños
  8. Set heater to 55 degrees in the winter, turn off in the summer / Prende el aire a 55 degrados durante el invierno y apagado durante el Verano
  9. Log onto Wi-Fi make sure you have data / Conectarse al wifi para

Every time be sure to do the following: / Siempre asegúrese de:

  1. Be sure to close all shutters, blinds and drapes / Cerrar cortinas y persianas
  2. Create work order of anything damaged in the house / Crear una orden de mtto por cosas dañadas
  3. Replenish supplies: / Reponer suministros
  4. Toilet paper in each bathroom / Papel sanitario en todos los baños
  5. Towles and bath matt / Servitoallas en la cocina
  6. Kitchen towles  / Por lo menos 1 garrafón de agua purificada
  7. Trash bags in all bines / Bolsas en todos los botes de basura
  8. Soap for dishwasher / Bolsa de jabón
  9. Dish soap, sponge / Jabón para los trastes, esponja y toalla para secar


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