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A trip to Big Bear Lake provides the scenery, excitement and opportunities for exploring that keep travelers engaged in the location and coming back year after year. Perhaps the most satisfying type of exploration that is done while traveling is the kind that reminds you of the effort that goes into keeping beautiful places like Big Bear as beautiful as they were originally fashioned to be. A trip to the Alpine Zoo at Moonridge is an amazing stop for visitors of all ages looking for an experience that’s fun, insightful and educational.

A Place of Refuge

The Big Bear Alpine Zoo at Moonridge is a haven of hope for animals that need rescue, rehabilitation and care before being returned to their natural environments once healed. While this location maintains a permanent of collection of animals that comprise the primary exhibits, the majority of work on the part of zoo staff comes in the form of animal rehabilitation efforts. Guests are invited to ask questions and get a close up look at what is required to help an injured animal get back on its feet and out into the wild.

A Heroic History

The Alpine Zoo’s past stems back to a devastating Big Bear Lake fire in the 1950’s that left several wild animals injured and needing long-term care. The concept of rehabilitating these animals and educating the public at the same time transformed the makeshift care center into a full-fledged zoo. Today, the Alpine Zoo successfully returns nearly 90% of all animals it takes in back to the wild.Animals that Educate
Visitors to the zoo are often amazed at the wide variety of animals that call this location both a temporary and permanent home. Exhibits feature a variety of bears including black bears and their Grizzly counterparts. Guests enjoy encounters with wolves, coyotes and foxes as well as bald eagles and a variety of owls. Between the many species of birds, reptiles and large cats, there’s something to capture every visitor’s attention.

Explore and Stay

After spending an educational afternoon exploring the Alpine Zoo, be sure you’re making your way back to a home away from home that provides the comfort and luxury you deserve. The team at Big Bear Vacations is here to help you book a property that keeps you close to the fun and delivers big on taste and style. Contact us to begin planning today!

Planning Your Alpine Zoo Trip

Make the most of your time in Big Bear Lake with a trip to the Alpine Zoo. Review the important information below before visiting and enjoy an experience in animal rehabilitation that’s sure to leave you inspired.

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Alpine Zoo

The Big Bear Alpine Zoo is a must-see during your stay in Big Bear Lake.

The Zoo is a rehabilitation facility offering injured and orphaned wild animals a safe haven, temporarily while they heal or permanently, as they are unable to survive on their own. 90% of all animals brought to the Zoo are successfully released back into their native environment.

Adults (ages 11-up) $12.00
Seniors (age 60+) $9.00
Children (ages 3-10) $9.00
Children (2 –under) Free

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