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Home to impressive mountain ranges, quiet forests, and glittering lakes, Big Bear is a unique location in the midst of a region primarily recognized for its seaside cities. People come here to escape the day-to-day worries of life and immerse themselves in the great outdoors all year long, from skiing and snowboarding during the winter to boating and kayaking on Big Bear Lake in the summer. When the water warms up, there’s ample Big Bear fishingto be had. Read on below to learn our best tips for fishing in Big Bear!

Angle Yourself a Catch for the Record Books!

In Big Bear, the place to be for any water-based sports or recreation is Big Bear Lake. A peaceful setting with stunning views, Big Bear Lake is the perfect spot for laid-back, leisurely fishing in Big Bear.

With a number of marinas and rental stores dotting the shoreline of this extensive lake, you can find fishing permits, boat launches, charters, and equipment rentals just about anywhere. Check out marinas like Big Bear Marina and Captain John’s Marina, as well as sporting goods stores like Big Bear Sporting Goods and Twin Bear Equipment Rentals. Holloway’s Marina also sells bait and tackle.

You can charter your own Big Bear fishing boat with charter services like Big Bear Charter Fishing and Lucky Bear Fishing Charters. If you already have your own gear and boat with you, you’ll simply need to purchase a fishing permit, then take your boat and equipment to one of the two public boat launches in the area. The public boat launches, located on the eastern and western shores of the lake, also sell fishing permits. Prices normally start at $20.00 for a single-day permit, which can be applied toward a $50.00 seasonal permit.

For those more interested in fishing Big Bear Lake from the shore, there are great shoreline spots along the West and East Ramps, the Solar Observatory, the Alpine Pedal Path, near Big Bear Marina, the Stanfield Cutoff, and Grout Bay. Grout Bay is particularly known for its bass fishing in Big Bear.

As one of the largest manmade lakes in California, Big Bear Lake provides abundant opportunities for fishing, as well as a variety of species to choose from. Types of fish normally caught fishing Big Bear Lake include several species of bass and trout, as well as crappie, bluegill, catfish, sunfish, and pumpkinseed.

Experience the Wonders of Big Bear with Big Bear Vacations

Contact our team of reservation specialists to find out more about Big Bear Lake fishing and other fun-filled sports and recreational activities that you can enjoy in Big Bear when you reserve your stay in one of our serene alpine vacation rentals today!

A summer getaway to Big Bear Lake, California comes with several perks. Guest to this area are treated to beautiful scenery, peaceful afternoons wandering wooded trails and mountain views for miles. Within this natural beauty, it’s often the water ways that get much-deserved attention. Rivers, lakes and streams make this are of California plentiful with marine life and those who love to fish will find Big Bear Lake a prime destination for casting a line.

Fantastic Places to Fish

With so many options to choose from, it can be difficult to narrow down fishing locations to just a few during your stay in Big Bear Lake. The most popular areas for shore fishing are the North Shore, from the dam to the West Boat Ramp.  There are several areas to park off of Highway 38.  If you choose Juniper Point, on the north shore just west of the East Boat Ramp, you will need an Adventure Pass for parking.  Additionally, Boulder Bay Park has a fishing dock and is a great place for families to play and fish from shore. Other areas of interest when it comes to excellent fishing experiences include the Big Bear Lake Marina and the Stanfield Road cutoff point. Fishing is fun for the whole family and can be easily learned at any age. The best time to fish in Big Bear is just before sunup to mid-morning, early sundown until dark.  You must have a California fishing license (unless you are under the age of 16).

Gear Rental

There’s no need to worry about packing fishing gear for your trip to Big Bear Lake. There are several establishments that sell and rent fishing equipment to those passing through and looking for a day on the water. Big Bear Sporting Goods on Big Bear Boulevard provides a vast collection of everything from rods and line to hooks, bobs, nets, coolers and customized apparel. Stop in and have a conversation with one of the knowledgeable staff members when you’re looking for something specific to make the most of your day.

Destination Guides

When you are passionate about fishing but would prefer a guided experience, booking a 3-hour trip with Big Bear Charter Fishing is the way to go. Guests hop aboard a pontoon boat and set off in search of Rainbow Trout on the lake alongside an expert guide. These narrated experiences deliver up a wealth of information on fishing, the area and diverse ecosystems. Guests on these chartered fishing tours will experience the convenience of having all of the gear prepped and onboard at the start of the journey.

Fish the Day and Stay

Fishing Big Bear Lake is an exciting experience and at Big Bear Vacations, we believe every visitor to the area should have a vacation home booked that matches their expectations of excellence. Whether you’re hoping for a waterfront bungalow or a spacious home perfect for a large traveling group, we’ll help you find what you’re looking for. Contact us today to start planning!




Prices usually start at $20.00 for a single-day permit, which can be applied toward a $50.00 seasonal permit.

You can charter your own fishing boat with charter services (Big Bear Charter Fishing and Lucky Bear Fishing Charters). If you have your own gear and boat, you would just buy a fishing permit and take your boat and equipment to one of the two public boat launches in the area. The public boat launches (on the eastern and western shores of the lake), also have fishing permits for purchase.


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