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Leave the pavement and explore the world of off-roading!  Whether you choose to drive yourself or a guided Jeep tour you are sure to have an adventure while enjoying the less traveled paths of Big Bear Lake.
Explore the San Bernardino Mountains with an Off-Road Tour!
Big Bear off-road trail tours are a fantastic, way to experience the rugged wilderness of Big Bear while enjoying the power of riding in a four-wheel drive vehicle over varied terrain and boulders.
For the ultimate Big Bear off-roading experience, there are two main tour providers in the area:
Big Bear Jeep Experience and Big Bear Off-Road Adventures.
Big Bear Jeep Experience, you are firmly within the control of your Big Bear off-road tour experience, as you are given the ability to drive the jeeps and plan out your route with a guide ahead of time. With options for kid-friendly trips, intermediate off-roading, and advanced off-roading, Big Bear Jeep Experience trails cater to a wide range of experience levels and expectations.
Routes taken through this company will take you primarily through locations like Holcomb Valley, Johnson Valley, Lake Arrowhead, the Santa Ana River, Cactus Flats, Gold Mountain, and Jacoby Canyon.
Big Bear Off-Road Adventures, meanwhile, operates during all four seasons of the year and utilizes fully-convertible Pinzgauer vehicles to tour a wide range of remote areas not as accessible by Jeep. Tours are given through Jacoby Gulch, Wildhorse Meadow, Rose Mine, the Santa Ana River, Butler Peak Fire Lookout, Balky Horse Canyon, Holcomb Valley, the Champion Lodgepole Pine, and more.
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The chance to get out and explore the stunning landscape that makes up Big Bear, California is exciting, but for those visitors who need a bit more an adrenaline-pumping adventure to take a vacation to the next level, there are always off-road options. When you’re in the area and looking to take on the terrain in a way that gets your heart pounding, you’ll want to book a tour with the Big Bear Jeep Experience.

The Big Bear Jeep Experience

Big Bear Jeep Experience gives you a choice of driving yourself or enjoying a guided tour from the pro’s. You follow the tour guide through an exciting and educational tour along some of the hundreds of miles of Jeep trails throughout Big Bear Valley. The Big Bear Jeep Experience offer tours for the whole family, and their most popular kid-friendly tour explores Holcomb Valley and ends with exploring an old miner’s settlement. They also have more intermediate and advanced tour options!

– Beginner Off road tour & mining adventure- 2+hrs $300, all kids mining treasures are included
– Intermediate Fawnskin to Cactus off road adventure- 3+hours $450
– Intermediate Clarks Grade to Seven Oaks- 3-hours $450
– Advanced Jacoby to Gold Mountain advanced off-road adventure- 4+hours $550

This is a very exciting rock crawling experience!

Charges include up to four occupants per Jeep.

To book this experience call: 855-638-3971

How to Prepare

While the Jeeps that visitors drive are definitely made to handle tough terrain, there are a few important things to know before you go and make the most of this exciting experience. While walk-ins are welcome, these popular tours have a tendency to fill up fast and It’s recommended that guests make a reservation in advance. Tours depart at various times throughout the day with options to choose from trips leaving at 9:00 am, 1:30 pm and 5:30 pm depending on preference and the type of experience you and your group would like to have. Guests should wear comfortable shoes and clothes that can accommodate fluctuating weather and it’s highly advised that sunscreen and hats are brought along for the trip as well. Snacks and beverages are provided for moments made to enjoy scenic stops but those who are aiming for a full-fledged picnic are encouraged to bring their own food along as well.

Customized Trips

Just because a trip isn’t listed on the website doesn’t mean it can’t be done. The team at Big Bear Jeep Experience is dedicated to customer satisfaction and often times, that means taking the road even less traveled. Guests are encouraged to suggest tour itineraries if there are places they’ve been pining to go. Recommended destinations that fall beyond the scheduled stops could include Pioneer Town, The Rose Mine or Cougar Buttes. Simply let your reservation agent know what you and your group would be interested in seeing and a customized experience can start being planned. Friendly, flexible and knowledgeable guides are there to ensure that every customized trip comes complete with the same standards of safety as traditional off-road routes.

Let the Home Experts Help Plan Your Stay

Taking off to explore off-road terrain can lead to a need for a great rest and relaxing evening before another day of adventure begins. Let the team at Big Bear Vacations help you book a vacation home that provides a luxurious and rejuvenating stay. From lakefront properties to hideaway cabins that provide serene privacy, we’ll help you find a home that fits your vacation style. Contact us to start planning your Big Bear getaway.

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