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Big Bear Family Vacation

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Vacations are a wonderful time, as they allow us to be able to try and see things we may normally never have the ability or chance to do or see. A vacation is also a great chance to unwind. For these same reasons, we often want to bring our family and loved ones along; after all, they have earned the chance to recuperate and relax as well! However, it can sometimes be a tad difficult to research a new area and plan your vacation accordingly. Save yourself the trouble and read on about what awaits you during this Big Bear family vacation.

Fun in the Forest

There are many ways to enjoy Big Bear as a family, and of course the natural world offers many different adventures to be had. For instance, why not head on over to Baldwin Lake Stables and enjoy exploring the forest from atop the back of a horse. Enjoy 1-, 2-, or 3-hour tours that will have you exploring a variety of terrains and scenes from the Pacific Crest Trail to the Mojave Desert. One can even go on a sunset tour for those looking for a beautiful sight and perhaps a perfect Instagram photo. One could also rent a couple bikes and enjoy the downhill trails at Downhill Bike Park at Big Bear Magic Mountain. Enjoy a plethora of different trails that ensure that no matter your skill level, you’ll find a trail for you. You’ll find some easy and scenic ones for those looking for a relaxing bike ride, while you’ll also find some which are as challenging as it gets, and which test just how much you have truly mastered the various techniques. Of course, there is also the Alpine Slide which is always a fun experience and will have you enjoying the only authentic bobsled experience in California. Enjoy flying down the track as you reach speeds of 26 mph as the forest scenery whips on by. After, check out the mountain coaster, or even the mini-golf course! If one is looking for both thrills, speed, and the chance to allow that competition to soar, head on over to Big Bear Speedway, which features a 1/5-mile track which you’ll tackle with carts reaching speeds of 30 mph as you zoom across the asphalt with the finish line in sight.

Fun Family Activities in Big Bear

If one happens to have any little ones, make sure you check out the Big Bear Pirate Ship, which not only is one of the entertaining family activities in Big Bear for both parents and kids alike, but also gives you a lovely tour of the lake from which the town gets its name. You’ll also enjoy live entertainment by the captain and crew. One could also check out the Big Bear Rope Course, which features a variety of obstacles for you and your kids to tackle while you dangle up to 35 feet in the air! To make it even better, with the entire course stretching 6,400 square feet and across two levels, you are assured a lovely afternoon that will be remembered fondly by all involved. If one is looking to test your ingenuity, head on over to Big Bear Escape Rooms. Not only will you find them challenging and engaging, but their intricate sets have even won awards for their complexity and creativity! Enjoy fun escapes designed for the family with young ones, or perhaps one of the intense and terrifying rooms which will have you desperately trying to solve the puzzles as the time ticks down to your doom.

Big Bear Family Vacation Awaits You

Of course, when one heads out on a family vacation, the home you call your own during your travels is immensely important. With Big Bear Vacations, you will find that we genuinely care about your vacation and thus offer a wide range of different rentals for you to browse and find the one that speaks to you. You’ll find we offer Big Bear family rentals that come full of all manner of amenities, while others you’ll find are simpler. You’ll find some with sharp and dark colors with modern design throughout, while other you’ll find wooden accents and a warm classical décor. No matter the home you have in mind, you are sure to find it with us. We even offer a range of different prices to ensure that no matter your budget, you can find that perfect home for you. Most of our rentals also come with full kitchens that are stocked with the basic items one will need to create a feast for you and your family to enjoy. We are all locals here and thus know all those little tidbits and sights that most visitors won’t ever see. For this reason, we are more than happy to fill you in on all there is to do, and even help you put together the perfect itinerary that will have you seeing the very best that the area has to offer.

So, should reading this pique your interest and cause daydreams of family outings to drift through one’s mind, make sure you give us a ring at (877) 417-6504 or contact us here and discover all that Big Bear has to offer!