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Weekend Journey to Big Bear

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There are times when we travel and we like to spend a solid week, if not longer, at our destination so that we can see everything that we had wished, and all that the area has to offer. However, at other times we might not be able to and need to get a full taste of all the adventures and activities to be had during the short weekend. For those who are coming to visit on a short weekend excursion, read on to discover all that could be waiting for you during your next Big Bear weekend getaway!

Outdoor Adventures

If there is one thing that Big Bear has and is well known for, it’s the plethora of various outdoor activities that one can take part in and enjoy during their stay with us. For instance, one could head on over to Big Bear Mountain Resort and check out their Downhill Bike Park, which features a plethora of different trails. You’ll find easy rides that are more a nature excursion then anything, while you’ll also find some that are truly challenging and will put your mastery of techniques to the absolute test. Check out the calendar, as they also host a variety of different races, such as the National Off-Road Bicycle Association National Championship Series. One could also head over to the Alpine Slide at Magic Mountain, which lays claim to the only authentic bobsled experience in California! One will also find 18-hole mini-golf and even a snack bar complete with cotton candy machine! If one is looking for an exciting tour to truly get up close and personal with the natural world, check out Big Bear Jeep Experience, which features a guided jeep tour from easy kid-friendly journeys to Holcomb Valley where the little ones can become miners for a time as well as more advanced ones where you’ll be hanging on as your jeep climbs upon the rocks. One could also head on over to Helicopter Big Bear, which features a variety of different tours with a total of 10 flights for you to choose from. Enjoy a quick 7-minute tour to get a taste of the wonderful views to be had or go for a 45-minute one to get a chance to stay in the air as long as possible. During your flight, you’ll enjoy such sights as the area’s plentiful lakes, the Mojave Desert, the San Gorgonio Mountain Range, and Santa Ana Canyon.

Some Urban Adventures

You’ll also find that amongst the natural wonders and adventures, there are also many urban activities for you to enjoy during your weekend in Big Bear with us. For instance, one could head over to Big Bear Escape Rooms and test your mind against the various puzzles that stand between you and freedom. They even have won awards for their intricate set designs; you’ll find some which are fun and enjoyable for all, and others which will truly have your heart racing as you frantically try to find your escape. There is also the Big Bear Speedway, which features SODI RT8 karts which can reach speeds of 30 mph as they zoom around the 1/5th mile track. One could also take a journey to Big Bar Rope Course, which features 37 different obstacles for your little ones, or even you, to tackle, all while 12 to 35 feet in the air! After, one could head on over to the Big Bear Theatre Project to get a taste of the more theatrical side of the town and enjoy one of their many plays, ranging from the tales of Edgar Allen Poe to the classics of Shakespeare.

An Exciting Weekend in Big Bear with Big Bear Vacations

Of course, you’ll need a lovely home to stay within during your Big Bear weekend getaway, and when you rent with Big Bear Vacations, you will find that we offer a wide variety of different options ranging from the large and extravagant to the quaint and simple, from the sleek and modern to the warm and classical. No matter your taste and wishes, with over 300 rentals, you are sure to find the perfect place for you! Not only this, but you will find that many of our rentals come with full kitchens that also come complete with all the essentials that you might find yourself needing during your stay with us. Further, we are interested in ensuring that you have the best vacation possible and became a return guest year after year. For this reason, we are always willing to help you put together the perfect itinerary that will have you seeing the very best that the area has to offer. Further, you will never need to fear silence with us, as no matter the time of day or day of the week, we are always here to answer any questions you might have or address any concerns that might have come up.

As you can see, not only does Big Bear offer a variety of different ways for you to enjoy your vacation, like staying lakeside at one of our Big Bear lakefront vacation homes for rent, but when you choose Big Bear Vacations, you are sure to get a true home and a company who wants nothing more than to give you that dream vacation. So, should you have any questions, don’t hesitate to give us a ring at (877) 417-6504 or contact us here today!