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Best Activities in Big Bear

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Big Bear, California has earned a reputation for being one of the most versatile destinations in the state. Enjoying all four seasons, Big Bear is a city that can provide indoor and outdoor adventure for visitors no matter what time of year they arrive. The combination of amazing landscapes, a charming downtown and plenty of options for delicious dining makes this a great place to come as a solo traveler or with a large group of family and friends. No matter what your idea of a great vacation looks like, here are some of the best Big Bear activities to take advantage of when you’re in town.

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Ride the Alpine Slide at Magic Mountain

This all-season ride is fun for the entire family and one you won’t want to miss out on. First enjoy a relaxing chairlift ride to the top of the slide, giving your panoramic views of the forest and area that we so proudly call home. Then, upon the reaching the top, enjoy a thrilling slide down your choice of two quarter of a mile track that will have you soaring down the mountainside on steep straight aways, and picking up speed upon banked turns as the cool mountain air whips across your face and the scene of pine dances upon the waves of fragrance before you. However, they understand that not everyone is a speed demon, and some prefer a much calmer ride down the mountain; thus, each bobsled comes complete with handle-break controls for a customized experience on the speed front. In the winter, the Alpine Slide gives guests a sense of seasonal excitement while a trip down the slide in the summer is a reminder of winter fun to come. Further, after enjoying the thrills of the alpine slide, make sure you stick around and check out the other thrills that Magic Mountain has for visitors including mini-golf and go-carts if your craving for speed is still not sated.

Take a Jeep Tour

Be sure to book a Big Bear Jeep Experience while you’re here. This fun off-road adventure can take place any time of year and allows you to encounter the dramatic terrain of Big Bear’s mountains and forests from a unique and close-up perspective. Enjoy the views of rolling meadows painted every color of the rainbow by wildflowers tucked in amongst the grass, as well as rocky ridges that have you gazing out across the land and deep canyons cut into the earth. Not only this, but you’ll have the ability to select from a range of different tours. You’ll find some that are perfect for beginners, or those looking for a lovely afternoon. For those seeking this kind of adventure, you might enjoy the Holcomb Valley Gold Fever Trail which will not only take you passed views of breathtaking and entrancing landscapes, but also take you up close to various historic locations around the area. However, for those who consider themselves masters of the off-roading arts, you might like their tours reserved only for the sturdiest of jeepers. For instance, you might enjoy the Gold Mountain Trail which offers, of course, beautiful views of the area, but also have you bouncing about in your seat as you tackle challenging terrain requiring the most masterful of technique. You will travel along the ascent of The Ledge, The Brain, and The Rock Garden. So, buckle up and get ready for an adventure in Big Bear that’s quite unlike anything else you’ve experienced.

Bike the Many Trails

It’s easy to assume that biking Big Bear’s maze of trails is a summer-only activity, but in this diverse landscape, there’s no seasonal limit on the fun. Rent a mountain bike for summer and spring excursions, then simply switch it up to a fat tire version when winter is in full swing. While some trails may be restricted in the colder months, there’s no reason not to get out and enjoy the sights on two wheels. However, those looking for a true mountain biking experience might like to wander on over to Downhill Bike Park which hosts a large host of interlocking trails that cover a wide range of terrains and cover a vast range of skill sets, ensuring that anyone of any skill level can enjoy the thrill of downhill mountain biking! You’ll find trails that are perfect for those looking for a relaxing cruise as you enjoy the scenes of the mountain and forest; however, you will also find trails that are only for the most skilled riders, hosting a variety of obstacles and natural formations that truly test a rider’s skill and technique. As well, there is no need for the tiring climb to the top as you’ll be able to enjoy a relaxing lift-assisted ride to the top. Not only do tourists and locals alike find joy and thrill here, but Big Bear even hosts the National Off-Road Bicycle Association National Championship Series! So, while you’re here with us, make sure you make the most out of all the biking exploration and excursions that exist in our small lakeside town.

Enjoy Action Zipline and Segway Tours

Head over to Action Zipline any time of year for an above-ground experience that has you soaring above the forest floor on one of the best Big Bear Lake activities. Nine ziplines are waiting to be enjoyed as you find yourself reaching speeds of up to 35 mph! Any thrill seeker or adrenalin junkie will enjoy this 3-hour excursion as you slowly make your way through the ziplining course, finding that with each stop the lines get higher above the forest floor, longer in distance, and having you reaching faster and faster speeds. Further, while you enjoy your trip to the ziplines, enjoy the commentary of your driver and guide as they point out various interesting factoids about the surrounding area and city. Finally, not only will you enjoy the thrill of the ziplines but attempt to conquer the suspension bridge that lets you walk your way through the sky. Follow up the fun with a Segway tour that has guests exploring the terrain year-round on innovative versions that are made to endure the great outdoors.

Try Out an Escape Room

When you’re looking for some indoor fun on your list of the best Big Bear Lake activities, try one of the mind-bending adventures at Big Bear Escape Rooms. Bring your friends and test your detective skills over the course of an hour as you try to piece together the clues that will let you escape. Thanks to the new widespread popularity of this living brain teaser, you will find a large selection of different companies to choose from. Each one hosts a variety of different rooms, each with their own unique theme. Enjoy the theatrics and elaborate setups as you desperately attempt to solve the riddles they contain. Rooms range from the fun and fantastical involving the world of wizards and magic to the terrifying entrapment within an asylum that has you hurriedly trying to escape with your life. So, if you are looking for a thrill that the entire family can enjoy, and that will have you talking of for days, if not weeks to come, make sure you check out one of Big Bear’s elaborate escape rooms!

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