Winter Activities in Big Bear

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As the crisp breeze begins to nip at our faces and the sun’s warm light begins to dim and be replaced by the chill of the winter months, we find a new world opens up to us. A world full of that glittering Big Bear snow upon the ground just begging us to glide across its surface and where cold glasses of lemonade are replaced with the warm mugs of hot chocolate. When this time of the year approaches, you might find yourself looking to take a winter retreat—after all, a vacation spent skiing Big Bear mountain and taking part in classic snow play has a certain cozy quality to it. If you are looking to take a break this winter season, you’ll find that there are few better than the majestic forests of Big Bear. So, read on and discover all the winter activities lying in wait for you!

Fun on the Mountain

There are few more classic winter activities if you want to do more than ski Big Bear mountain. The area holds a total of 400 skiable acres, 19 lifts, and over 58 runs between Snow Summit (peak 8,200 feet) and Bear Mountain (peak 8,805 feet). If you find yourself interested in doing something slightly unique, you can try out their night skiing offered on select dates. However, if you find yourself not the biggest skier, fear not, for the mountain also offers classic snow tubing on Grizzly Ridge Tube Park; you’ll find their sleds go a tad quicker then the ones you rode in childhood! Enjoy their high-speed sleds as you soar down one of three tubing lanes, each of which is 300 feet long! As well, there will be no need to lug your sled up the hill after a ride down; instead, enjoy a ride on their “magic carpet” as you get taken to the top while enjoying the views.

Old-Fashioned Big Bear Snow Play

If sledding and snow play is what you want, Big Bear Snow Play offers the longest run in Southern California. Featuring the same “magic carpet” ride, you’ll find that classic sledding is easier and more enjoyable than ever before. They even have lift-assisted inner tubing to make the trip up top even easier. You’ll find they add an extra flair to the activity as you can enjoy their “glow tubing,” which will have you sailing down a tunnel featuring red, blue, green, and even blacklights to make an already thrilling activity even more enjoyable. If you’d rather go about the traditional way, make sure you check out the various snow play areas and hills that one can find scattered around the area, including Aspen Glen Picnic Area, Grays Peak Trail, and Cougar Crest Trail!

the Trails with Snow Shoeing

Of course, the rest of the year Big Bear is quite well known for its numerous trails which take you deep into the forests and into nature. Even in the frosty winter months, one can enjoy hiking all your favorite trails with the help of snow shoeing. Even if you don’t have the equipment, feel free to rent it from a variety of different venders such as Blauer Board Shop. However, if you are new to the pastime, head on over to Action Tours, where you will be able to go out with a guide and truly see the most of our forest home. Lasting three hours, this tour will have you trekking over multiple terrains. Each tour is tailored to the individual group and can be made to accommodate any skill level.

See the Sights Astride a Horse

We can all agree that there is a unique beauty and majesty to a winter world, especially in the forest where icicles hang from the branches of trees like natural ornaments for the holiday season. What better way to see these incredible sights then atop the back of a horse as you make your way along the trails? If this catches your eye, make sure you head on over to Baldwin Lake Stables, which offer a variety of tours that will have you seeing the most of your winter wonderland. Lying just 7 miles east of Big Bear, you’ll find they offer up to half-day tours which will have you exploring the Pacific Crest Trail. However, you can also go for one of their sunset tours which will have you making your way up a scenic trail to an outlook where you will watch a dazzling sunset with autumn hues reflecting off the crystalline, snowy world. You can also go for a 1- or 2-hour ride where you will see a variety of different terrains (all of which will give you views straight out of a Bob Ross painting).

As you can see, when the chilly winter months set in, a variety of unique activities open up, each of which is a fantastic way to spend a day before coming back to your cozy rental. However, these are just a few of the various activities one could enjoy during your time here with us. So, if you find yourself curious about what other activities are available during the winter months, make sure you give Big Bear Vacations a call today at (877) 417-6504!