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Best Places to View the Eagles of Big Bear

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Travelers who are looking for a scenic escape complete with easy access to outdoor fun will find everything they’re looking for and more in Big Bear Lake, California. Known and loved as Southern California’s four-season mountain escape, Big Bear Lake offers up lush mountain terrain, ample options for entertainment, and a full lineup of great places to shop and dine too when you’re looking to unwind in customized style. From hiking and skiing to snowboarding and mountain biking, Big Bear Lake has it all waiting for you within the breathtaking parameters of the San Bernardino National Forest. But for all of the recreation this destination delivers, it’s also a place where wildlife watching is at its very best. If you happen to be an enthusiast when it comes to spotting bald eagles, you’ll find Big Bear is the perfect place to be for viewing Big Bear bald eagles!

Enjoy Viewing the Big Bear Bald Eagles Year-Round Via Webcam

The Bald Eagle population has boomed here in recent years, and fans of this impressive raptor species can view a Big Bear eagle nest live stream from anywhere in the country thanks to the Friends of Big Bear Valley. This organization planned the eagle cam experience, raised funds, and obtained all necessary permits to install the camera with the arrival of Big Bear’s first-ever bald eagle nest. The live stream is available 24/7 over the massive nest situated within the San Bernardino National Forest in Big Bear Valley on the north side of the lake near Fawnskin. The nest is 120 feet up off the ground and situated within a Jeffrey Pine towering 150 feet in the air. Since the inception of the eagle nest camera in 2013, droves of eagle enthusiasts have learned what the life of an eagle is like from hatching through the first flight. While the eagles once only wintered in Big Bear Valley to find food, there have been eagle pairs that now stay year-round to raise their young and thrive in the non-hatching season too. The webcam is a great option for viewing the eagles of Big Bear during nesting season when the nest area is closed to the public. This step is taken to ensure that the eagles don’t abandon their young due to human disturbances.

View the Eagles Beyond the Cameras

Outside of the nesting season, there are plenty of opportunities available for Big Bear visitors to get their eyes on the skies and spot local eagles. Making your way to the Big Bear Discovery Center is a great place to start. Here, you can sign up for a volunteer-run experience where you’ll enjoy time at a designated viewing station that lets the eagles live peacefully while you observe them in action. The Chirp Nature Center also offers guests options to enjoy large and high-definition eagle nest monitors on-site. Many Big Bear visitors also choose to spend some quality time at the Big Bear Alpine Zoo when they’re looking to get up close to Bald Eagles. This destination houses two rescued Bald Eagles that were brought in through the zoo’s rehabilitation facility. While most creatures that come through this way are cared for and returned to the wild, those that have injuries too extensive to be released find a caring and permanent home at the zoo as ambassadors for their species.

Be a Part of the Winter Bald Eagle Count in Big Bear

Enjoying observation of the Big Bear eagle population is something that enthusiasts can take to the next level when they become part of the winter Bald Eagle count. This is an annual volunteer-supported effort that’s been hosted at Big Bear Lake and surrounding areas across San Bernardino since 1978. Today, it’s still going strong and gives volunteers an opportunity to be stationed at select vantage points throughout the winter season to count how many eagles are observed over a 1-hour period. The official count lasts from December to March and many of the vantage points are situated close to lakes where Bald Eagles find the majority of their food supply. There’s no need to register to participate but you will need to show up to an orientation on the day you’re looking to take part in the count. Bring your binoculars, sense of adventure, and willingness to participate in citizen wildlife research for a good cause. It’s an experience that’s sure to thrill!

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