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Property Walkthrough: Pura Vida Bungalow

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Are you looking for a spacious and modern home to stay in Big Bear? Big Bear is one of the most highly sought-out places for friends, families, couples, and solo travelers to visit at any point of the year. There are numerous hiking trails that offer incredible views of the surrounding area, picturesque ski and snowboard slopes that are great for novice or advanced athletes, and dozens of shops in the downtown area that are great for grabbing a coffee, shopping in the nearby boutiques, and getting a drink after a full day of exploring.

But where should you stay during your upcoming holiday? There are dozens of options in the immediate and surrounding area, but we have the most luxurious and spacious accommodation properties that are great for anyone and everyone! Big Bear Vacations offers tons of property rentals that are modern, upscale, and cozy.

Check out Pura Vida Bungalow from Big Bear Vacations if you are a small group of friends or family that wants to kick back and relax. This two-bedroom, one-bathroom Big Bear cabin rental is spacious enough for 5 guests to spread out and spend some time in the beautiful nature.

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Interior Space

The interior space of this bungalow is cozy, quaint, chic, and perfectly decorated! There are unique decor touches that make this space great for hanging out all day long, like interior plants, wooden shelves, cool lighting fixtures, exposed wooden beams, wooden furniture, and decorative pillows and rugs.

You can sit with your guest on one of the two couches in the open floor plan area, featuring lamps that make it the perfect reading nook spot, windows for gazing out at the nearby surroundings, and a wooden table nearby that is great for playing board games or having a snack. The wooden table can comfortably fit 5 guests, making it the ideal spot for having a sit-down lunch, enjoying happy hour with your friends, or playing a board game with your family.

If you want to make some drinks or some food, the open floor plan of the living room area, dining room table, and kitchen are all connected — making this adorable bungalow feel even bigger than it already is! The kitchen features stainless steel kitchen appliances, white cabinets, and white countertops that are perfect for preparing food and serving drinks after a long day on the nearby slopes.

After you have spent all day outside exploring Big Bear, there are two cozy bedrooms for you to choose from! The bedrooms feature plush bedding, cozy interior decor, smart TV for watching a Netflix show after a long day, and wooden walls that make it feel like you are living in a modern log cabin!

Exterior Space

Along with having ample interior space for you and your friends to chill out, relax, and de-stress, the exterior space of this bungalow really sets it apart from other properties! You can head outside of the back of the bungalow and sit at the outdoor table while having a drink or reading a book.

Plus, you can easily walk or hop in the car for a few miles to get to the best attractions in the nearby area. You are just steps away from the nearby ski resorts and snowboard slopes, the village stores, and dining restaurants, like Peppercorn Grille, Captain’s Anchorage Restaurant, and Teddy Bear Restaurant.

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Best Breakfast in Big Bear

Big Bear is known for its outdoor activities — and its great food! Let’s check out the best restaurants and cafes in the Big Bear area.

Grizzly Manor Café

You need to sort out your day with a filling and healthy food that will fuel you all day long! The Grizzly Manor Cafe is a tiny roadside eatery that is great for a quick stopover or casual breakfast. We recommend getting one of the bagel and egg sandwiches with crispy bacon and fresh vegetables.

Amangelas Sandwich and Bagel House

Do you want a filling sandwich that you can have for breakfast or bring on the trail with you? Head here to get the Breakfast Bagel Sandwich, a filling and multi-tier creation that will keep you full and fueled for your multi-hour hike.

Moonridge Coffee

Do you like to wake up in the morning and get a strong iced latte? Maybe a large oat milk cappuccino is what you are looking for. If so, head to Moonridge Coffee to help cure a hangover and get some caffeine in you as soon as you wake up!

The Copper Q

Open every day of the week from 7 am, Copper Q is one of the best breakfast spots for both locals and tourists alike. Although you may think that a coffee shop and shop combined may not produce the best cup of joe in the area, you are wrong! The Copper Q is known for its espresso drinks that will keep you energized for hours to come.

Find a Place to Stay in Big Bear

If Big Bear sounds like something that is right up your alley, then check out our properties available on our website from Big Bear Vacations. Our Pura Vida Bungalow is a spacious and modern home that is perfect for small families who want to explore the nearby area.

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