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Stay In Big Bear This Memorial Day

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No matter how old we get, we can’t help but get excited over the holiday that officially kicks off the summer season. Memorial Day is a day we remember those who have sacrificed so much so that we can have so much and there is no better way to remember than by doing all the things they fought for us to have! And so, whether you are trying to escape for the long weekend or you have chosen to make this a week long vacation that only uses up 4 of your precious vacation days, this guide to all the fun you can have in Big Bear will ensure that every minute is filled with fun, excitement, and the oh so necessary relaxation that you have been dreaming about since the winter holidays have ended! Of course, choosing one of our Big Bear Vacations seasonal escapes will be the first step to fun on your Big Bear Memorial Day weekend; isn’t it nice that comfort and style follow closely behind?

Sleep Late and Join These Restaurants for Breakfast

Vacations are about rest and relaxation and our super soft beds ensure that you get both. And when you get a late start to your daily holiday activities, let the laziness and relaxation continue with a visit to any of the restaurants listed below! No one wants to work on a holiday when on vacation and you can enjoy plate-sized omelets filled with flavor at Grizzly Manor Café, 41268 Big Bear Boulevard, light and fluffy pancakes at Teddy Bear Restaurant, 583 Pine Knot Avenue, and all your favorite breakfast comfort foods at the Country Kitchen Restaurant, 39904 Big Bear Boulevard! Every craving will be sated and every belly will be full no matter which restaurant you choose to celebrate Memorial Day in!

Big Bear Grill & Chill BBQ State Championship, May 27th-May 30th, 630 Bartlett Road

You had us at BBQ. Nothing is more all-American than the taste of charred meat topped with your favorite sauces and if you can enjoy fresh barbecue without having to do the work, well, does life get any sweeter? Barbecue is serious business to the people in the contest, but all our guests have to do, is eat, listen to live music, and enjoy the beautiful weather that Big Bear is famous for! Also offering an opportunity to do a little shopping, vendor village is a popular part of the Grill & Chill event, and the craft beers being sold are destined to refresh and chill you even further, this fun event is the perfect way to kick off your vacation adventures!

Barbecue in Comfort

Traditions are important and if one of your Memorial Day Traditions is to stay home and barbecue, you can do just that in the comfort of our holiday hideaways! Many, if not most, of our cabins are equipped with a barbecue grill for your use during your stay. Purchase your meat from the Community Market (known for selling the best “meats on the mountain) put on your favorite kiss cook apron and head out to the deck where the air will still be cool, the sun is usually shining, and the views are destined to knock your socks off! Also featuring seating areas for dining, sunset watching, or simply lazing around enjoying the views, manning the grill will be just as fulfilling here under the California sky as it is back home in your own backyard!

Maifest, May 21st, 28th, & 29th, Big Bear Convention Center

If you enjoy Oktoberfest in October you are going to fall in love with Maifest in May! Offering a lot of the same activities you find in the fall version, including beer drinking and bratwurst eating, they have added the traditional Maypole around which you can happily dance! The Maibowle is a champagne-style punch that tastes like a beautiful spring day and the games including log-sawing contests, cornhole, stein holding competitions, and a plethora of activities geared towards the under 21 crowd ensuring that the kiddos have as much fun as you do while enjoying this beautiful spring festival!

Enjoy Your Stay for Big Bear Memorial Day Weekend

As you spend your days hiking the trails that traverse the Big Bear area, enjoying the beauty of the lake, and maybe even stopping by Veterans Park to pay homage to those who sacrificed everything for us, your days are destined to be filled with moments that are happy, exciting, and fun and when you come home to Big Bear Vacations, your evenings and nights will be equally exciting and fun, plus we add in extra doses of comfort to ensure that your Big Bear getaway will be one you never want to forget! Reserve your favorite cabin today and discover the joys of an All-American vacation in one of the most beautiful states in the world!