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Try New Things – Reinvent Yourself in Big Bear

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This week was a momentous week for one of our own Staff members at Big Bear Vacations. Our Front Desk Manager took a chance this week on one of the best winter activities in Big Bear such as skiing for the first time since she was a Girl Scout. Here is her story:

Tried Skiing for the First Time in 20 Years

Being a Mother with children who works full time it can be a challenge keeping up as your kids grow and develop. My son is 9 and has completed a Beginners Course at Bear Mountain. He has a new passion for Snowboarding! It is very exciting, but also scary! This week he asked when he could go again – and that means someone has to go with! Supermom had to strap in and gather all her bravery. 

First, we went to Getboards and got some gear; Mom got skis. Next, we went to Snow Summit.  We found parking pretty easy and asked one of the many attendants what to do next – he helped us hang our lift tickets on our coats. Then we approached Moms worst fear, the lift. It was the beginner slope but it still felt scary. I told the attendant how I was feeling and she slowed the lift so we could hop on and gave me some advice on how to get off. Off we went! I made it off and slid to a stop, never falling once. 

My boy and I had one of the best days of my life. We went on the lift about a dozen times. We skied and boarded down and I could tell my son was so proud of me. I never got hurt or fell. I just took it slow and tried to remember all I had forgot from 20 years ago when my Girl Scout Troop went skiing. 

Now, I have a new passion I can share with my son. We made some wonderful memories and bonded in a big way. I can tell he really respected me for conquering my fears and getting out there. I am a proud Mom! If I can do it – so can you!

This could be your year to conquer old fears and find new passions in Big Bear. Come stay with us and take a chance! Reinvent yourself and connect with family on a deeper level. Make life changing memories that will last a lifetime