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Fall Journey to Big Bear, California

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The fall is a magical time where mysteries ride upon the wind, and the whisper of mysticism echoes through the cold October air. Not to mention there is nothing quite like walking along a path, the tall trees towering overhead with their branches painted the warm colors of a setting sun, with the soft crunch and crackle of leaves under your feet. Well, while the fall in and of itself is magical no matter where you decide to go, Big Bear, California offers something just a bit extra, and a trip here is sure to be the icing on the cake this fall. If you don’t believe us, then just read on to discover why a vacation with Big Bear Vacations is ideal, as well as all there is to do in our lovely town as the wind gains a crisp bite and the trees begin to change.

Exploring the Outdoors

With colored trees, cool air, and lake water as still as glass, you’ll find that the fall is the perfect time to explore the wilderness that surrounds the lake. For instance, you might enjoy taking an afternoon to bounce around the back of a jeep as your driver maneuvers the off-road trails as you explore the area and the beautiful secrets that lie within. You just might enjoy the Gold Mountain Trail tour which will have you bounding along and gazing in wonder as you cross The Ledge, The Brain, and the Rock Garden.

Why not get a chance to see the beautiful scenery, while also getting the excitement of an adrenalin rush at the Alpine Slide at Magic Mountain? Enjoy this year-round authentic bobsled experience that is sure to have your heart pounding as you careen down the course flying along the straightaways, before having your stomach lurch as you then ride the high banked walls before gaining an additional burst of speed. Considering you might be a tad distracted on the way back down, enjoy the scenic chairlift up as you gaze down at the forests from above.

If you have the time, make sure you get deep into the heart of the natural world by enjoying the various trails scattered around the area for amazing Big Bear fall hiking. You could take on Pine Knot Trail for instance and enjoy a 6.9-mile hike as you meander through forests of pine and oak, cross rolling meadows, and gaze in wonder at Big Bear Lake far below you. If not that, you might enjoy Castle Rock Trail which is a much shorter 2.7 miles, though while short, it’s nonetheless breathtaking.

Celebrations of Fall

In between exploring the great outdoors and getting reacquainted with nature, make sure you check out the various events and community celebrations that take place throughout the fall months. For instance, make sure you take advantage of being in the area during Oktoberfest, in which the Big Bear Lake fall celebration has consistently been ranked one of the best and has been going strong for over 49 years. Enjoy dressing up in traditional German garb as you sample a plethora of good beer and dance to one of four live German bands. Sure to work up an appetite, feast upon the variety of food choices that can be seen scattered amongst the vendors. Further, watch in awe as individuals show off their drinking capabilities in a variety of drinking competitions.

As the month of October wears on, make sure you head over to Action Tours Company, who will be celebrating the Halloween season in their own unique way. Enjoy their usual ziplines as you always would, but with the added twist that you are now chucking pumpkins at targets as you fly past. Try to aim well, as hitting one just might win you a prize! On October 26th head over to Big Bear Zoo for their Boo in the Zoo, where your little ones can dress up and go on a bit of trick or treating surround by the animals. Plus, is there every really not a good time to go see snow leopards, coyotes, foxes, mountain lions, bald eagles, etc.? Finally, while the ghouls and goblins of Halloween are still out and about, take your little ones to the Haunted Maze where they can try to solve the labyrinth while dodging the many monsters lurching in the shadows.

Embrace the Inner Big Bear Lake Fall Foodie

After you get done exploring the surrounding nature, or perhaps jamming away at Oktoberfest, make sure you take the chance to enjoy some of the excellent cuisines that can be found scattered around our town. You might like to head over to Teddy Bear Restaurant and enjoy a variety of homemade items. You’ll find such favorites as chicken fried steak, hamburgers, chicken pot pie, chili, breakfast sandwiches, and more! However, make sure you try one of their homemade pies which are sure to have you coming back again and again. You also might like to check out the Peppercorn Grille, which hosts a beautiful dining room with cozy and private booths. Enjoy an extensive menu featuring a wide range of items such as crab cakes, calamari, pizza, lasagna, chicken marsala, and more! You also might enjoy trying out eating outside at Sonora Cantina, which serves up delicious food from across the border. You’ll find all your Spanish favorites such as fajitas, tostadas, burritos, carne asada and more! If you’re feeling particularly hungry on your Big Bear fall, see if you can earn your spot of fame by finishing their SEVEN POUND burrito stuffed with four different types of meats, cheese, beans, and rice!

Relaxing in Your Dream Rental

While the area you stay in is vitally important—after all, you will be spending a great deal of time in the area—what is no less important is that your rental is all you had hoped for and maybe even more than that. For this reason, we here at Big Bear Vacations have put together a staggering selection of over 300 different rentals, each with their own host of unique amenities, across a wide range of prices to match any budget. Thus, no matter what your tastes are, what you desire, or how large or small your pocketbook, you’ll find your dream rental here with us. Further, you’ll be pleased to find that while each unit is different, certain consistencies remain to assure the smoothest and best vacation possible.

For instance, you’ll surely breathe a sigh of relief when you discover your full kitchen includes all the basic essentials you’ll need to soon have the place filled with the tantalizing scents of a fresh, homecooked meal. As well, we as a company want to make sure you vacation is all you dreamed it could be and is as smooth as possible. Thus, our dedicated staff are only a phone call away should you have any questions, comments, or concerns. Not only can you enjoy the outdoors and all the activities scattered across our lake town, but when you return to your rental, you can truly relax and unwind in the safety of a home with a group of professionals standing behind you should you have any need of them.

Not only is fall in Big Bear beautiful and picturesque, but there is a wide variety of things to do and see when you journey here with the goal of creating a special fall you and your family will never forget. Be sure to browse our Halloween vacation rentals as well! If you are ready to get away for a spell and get lost in the beautiful scenery of our lake town, call Big Bear Vacations at (877) 417-6504 or book your stay online today!