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Fall Activities in Big Bear, California

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While there is much to do in Big Bear during the winter and summer, many will be pleased to find that there is equally as much to do in the fall. While one may not wish to take a dip in the lake, nor would they likely want to go boating or waterskiing in the fall chill, many of the activities found in the summer can still be enjoyed in the fall along with the countless other indoor activities that exist year-round. To help you plan your vacation and ensure that you get to see everything that our lake town offers, we have put together for you a list of the top Big Bear lake fall activities!

Exploring the Wilderness With These Big Bear Lake Fall Activities

During the fall the already picturesque scenery at Big Bear takes on a colorful and mystic nature as the cold air creeps in and frost clings to the forest floor in the early morning. So, why not spend some time exploring the various trails and taking in as much of the beautiful fall landscape as possible. You might enjoy taking a trip to the ever-popular Castle Rock Trail and enjoy the 2.7 mile out and back nature trail. You’ll find yourself snaking through the beautiful forests as crisp autumn leaves crackle under your shoes. As you make your way along the path, enjoy the breathtaking views of the lake and the towering pines that stand high above you like some timber guardian of old. If you are looking for something a bit more strenuous and that is sure to put your body to the test, tackle the Pine Knot Trail, which stretches for 6.9 miles as you slowly make your way through the switchbacks that take you through thick forests full of oaks and pines to meadows stretching out into the distance. As you stand upon the peak, a sense of accomplishment coursing through you, you’ll find yourself in awe as you take in the 360-degree views. Gaze upon the glassy lake far below, with San Gorgonio and Catalina Island off in the distance. This trail especially is perfect for fall as the changing of the trees to the colors of autumn make for the most beautiful of views and the most pristine of photos. If any furry little ones came along, these are especially good, as even our pets deserve the chance to get some fresh air and pound along the beautiful trails.

If you are truly looking to get the most out of the natural landscape with your things to do in Big Bear in the fall, then make sure you take advantage of one of the local jeep tour companies. Clamber into the back seat and prepare to bounce and shimmy your way across the off-road trails as your guide teaches you about the wonderous scenery as it passes by. For instance, you might enjoy the Holcomb Valley Gold Fever Trail which is perfect for the beginning explorer and will have you visiting historic locations as well as passing some truly awe-inspiring scenery. This is sure to have you and your family resharing stories of your experience for ages to come.

Escape Room and Zoos

Now that you have had a chance to get to explore the area, make sure you check out some of the unique activities that can be found in the area. For example, while escape rooms have become popular everywhere, the ones here at Big Bear are sure to stick out in your memory. For instance, head on over to Big Bear Escape Rooms who won Best Set Design by EscapeTheRooms.com. Once you find yourself battling the clock to escape your prison, you’ll easily see why once you get a taste for the elaborate and intricately detailed rooms. You’ll find quite a few different scenarios as well, ranging from the simple and amusing which are perfect for kids and adults alike to truly terrifying escapes that are only for the most brazen of souls.

After you have had a chance to test your intellectual ingenuity with those things to do in Big Bear in the fall make sure you head on over to Big Bear Zoo. When compared to some of the other zoos in the California area, we must admit that our little local one might not be the biggest, but it is still well worth the visit. You’ll find yourself gazing at a wide range of different animals from the local like bears and mountain lions to exotic predators like the snow leopard and artic fox. Further, you’ll find a range of presentations that are perfect for the entire family no matter the age. For instance, you’re sure to be in awe as you watch the handlers work with snow leopards, bald eagles, bobcats, and more! Make sure to stop by if you find yourself staying with us close to Halloween, as the zoo puts on their Boo in the Zoo event, where little ones can get dressed up and trick or treat amongst the zebras and monkeys.

Why Spend Fall with Big Bear Vacations

Big Bear Vacations isn’t just a rental company, and we’re not just a management company either; rather, it is a group that is determined to give you the best vacation possible. For this reason, our dedicated staff is here at any moment should you have a question, comment, or concern and will do whatever they can to answer or solve the predicament. Further, you’ll find that we offer over 300 rentals ranging from the rustic and traditional to the edgy, sleek, and modern. Further, you’ll find that each of our rentals come with a large array of different amenities, ensuring that no matter what it is you are looking for, you are sure to find your dream vacation home here with us. You’ll also find that while each rental is unique, there are certain commonalities that you will find in all our rentals. For instance, you will find that each of comes with a kitchen that is fully equipped with all the essentials that you might find yourself needing to create a feast for all to enjoy. Further, you’ll find that each rental itself is stocked with all the linens, towels, and other necessities you might need during your stay with us.

So, if you are ready to experience the raw beauty of a mild California fall and have a chance to stay in a rental that has all you could have every hoped for and more, then make sure you enquire further by contacting Big Bear Vacations at (877) 417-6504! Be sure to browse our Halloween vacation rentals as well!