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Planning a trip to Big Bear, California is a treat for those who love the great outdoors and can’t wait to make the most of the incredible scenery. From hiking and biking to kayaking and canoeing, a trip to Big Bear is sure to be a thrill for those with a passion for getting out and getting into nature. After a day of fun-filled adventure, visitors are sure to have worked up quite the appetite. When you’re looking for places to cure a craving, be sure to add these best restaurants in Big Bear to your list of must-enjoy destinations.

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Grizzly Manor Café

Before you even think of heading out on the trails, be sure to energize with a flavorful and filling breakfast at the Grizzly Manor Café. Located at 41268 Big Bear Boulevard, this well-loved establishment has been popular amongst locals and visitors alike since 1975 when they first opened their doors. Those who come and dine at Grizzly Manor will enjoy generous portions that would make even the broadest of lumberjacks shrink before its size. As well, Grizzly’s is the perfect place for those who just can’t get enough of traditional breakfast foods. From waffles to bacon and the many eggs in between, this is the place to get your protein fix, as they also have a selection of meats that you won’t find at your typical big city diner including spam, corned beef hash, and chorizo scrambles. Not only this, but you will also find a wide selection of different types of pancakes ranging from the old-fashioned buttermilk stack to the fresh flair of blueberries to the sweet overtones of chocolate chip; they are sure to have something that will satisfy that flapjack craving! Finally, you of course will find your good old-fashioned meals such as biscuits and gravy, as well as your good old scramble. So, why not come have a warm cup of coffee, enjoy a hearty breakfast, and have some great conversation too. Just look for the large carved bear that stands outside and you’ll know you’re in the right place!

One of the Best Restaurants in Big Bear: Peppercorn Grille

Guests looking for a robust dinner to end their day on a savory note will want to head over to the Peppercorn Grille. Situated at 553 Pine Knot Avenue, this delicious stop comes complete with a Bavarian-inspired façade and cozy interior that features warm hues, as well as cozy tables and welcoming private booths. Pick a place in the main dining room or head outdoors for an intimate meal in the fresh air in their heated patio area that’s sure to please. The menu is an exercise in variety featuring dishes that include a little bit of everything from just about everywhere. You will find fair from the deep blue sea ranging from flavorful crab cakes and perfectly cooked calamari to the savory bite of lobster and the warm smoky flavors of Alaskan salmon. However, if you don’t find yourself a lover the coastal cuisine, they have a large selection of dishes straight from the streets of Italy, including a range of pizzas cooked with the flair of an artisan, as well as pastas ranging from the beloved fettuccine alfredo to the fresh simplicity of capellini pomodoro. This is just scraping the surface of their diverse menu that includes everything from the homey beef stroganoff to the spicy undertones of chicken marsala. However, make sure to pair your plate with a handcrafted cocktail and get ready to enjoy a delicious night of fun alongside friends and family in Big Bear.

Big Bear Lake Brewing Company

Think and drink like a local when you’re in Big Bear by making sure to find time to swing by Big Bear Lake Brewing Company. This destination is loved for its spacious taproom that sits in the heart of town. Located at 408247 Stone Road, Big Bear Lake Brewing Company offer’s not only a cozy indoor dining area, but also one out in the fresh air allowing you to drink your expertly crafted brew in the shining sun with the pine breeze wafting across you. Further, you’ll find that their brews are unique in several ways, you’ll find that you can taste the difference in their methods, which mix those of the traditional brewers with the efficiency and consistency of modern equipment. Further, make sure you pair their many labels with mouthwatering options that you will find mix the classy and elegant with the traditional bar food we have all come to enjoy and expect. You’ll find your typical chicken wings cooked to perfection, crispy onion rings, and salty soft pretzels. However, paired amongst these you’ll also find healthier options with their surprisingly diverse range of salads which range from your typical chicken Caesar to a Thai salad to a guacamole one. This is in addition to a wide range of flatbreads and even pastas if you are looking for savory, buttery goodness. The menu continues to vary from there fluttering from steaks to fish to even tacos. Moreover, if any of your party find themselves not quite as passionate about beer, they also offer a wide range of specialty cocktails and spirits, thus ensuring a drink that everyone will enjoy and love as you sit back, make memories, and enjoy this amazing Big Bear restaurant.

Teddy Bear Restaurant

Head over to 583 Pine Knot Avenue to enjoy a meal at Teddy Bear Restaurant when you’re in town. This locale is known for its delicious breakfast, lunch and dinner fare, all of which you will find are as fresh as can be. This is due to the fact that as much is made from scratch as possible; for instance, they make sure they bread is baked by them and that even the potatoes are mashed by their chefs. You’ll find a range of soups, and even chili, all of which are made from hand using original recipes. Further, you’ll find a large selection of everything from homemade pot pies to an Angus Pastrami Burger, to chicken fried steak, to waffles and pancakes and everything between. However, it’s the homemade pies, which same as their food are made from scratch with all the love and devotion that comes from such, that keep guests coming back for more. It really is no wonder that they have lasted strong for the last 63 years! So, if you have even the slightest sweet tooth that needs tending to, this family-style restaurant is the place to get your fix.

Sonora Cantina

There are times when nothing but a bold and flavorful south of the border dish will do. When you’re in the mood for authentic Mexican fare, head over to Sonora Cantina at 41144 Big Bear Boulevard. This culinary establishment has a reputation for serving up savory dishes in a colorful and welcoming setting. No matter what it is that you are craving, whether you’re in the mood for tortas and sizzling fajitas, carne asada paired with delicious Lobster, homemade soups that will infuse the air with savory and tantalizing scents, or crave some tamales with a side of beans and rice, you are sure to find it here! Enjoy the pleasantries of the fresh air as the mountain breeze ruffles your hair or sit in the cozy interior surrounded by chattering voices and a friendly, welcoming vibe. Further, no Mexican meal is complete without a good margarita or drink, and their full bar is sure to deliver! Finally, if you are feeling particularly hungry, then make sure you take on the Big Juan challenge. The challenger of this mighty beast will have 45 minutes to devour this 7-POUND behemoth loaded with four different kinds of meats, beans cheese, and rice! Manage to conquer the Big Juan and you will earn the respect of the town and get a free t-shirt! So, Sonora Cantina invites you to come and grab a seat, enjoy the music, and make the most of a delicious Mexican meal.

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