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Top 5 Most Incredible Sights In or Around Big Bear

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Let’s be real: Not every vacation that you take will have scenic views or landmarks that will take your breath away. If every place you visited was so, you would soon lose your sense of wonder. With that being said, when you visit Big Bear, you have to expect the most incredible sights and things to do at Big Bear. Our natural landscape is one that never ceases to amaze even our lifelong residents, and if this is your first time visiting, well, it wouldn’t be the first time one of our guests fell in love with Big Bear at first sight. Here’s a list of the most incredible sights Big Bear has to offer.

Stanfield Marsh Boardwalk and Wildlife Preserve

As you walk along the boardwalk, you may find yourself stopping every so often with your mouth dropping open; the sights and sounds found in this amazing wildlife preserve are that amazing. At the boardwalk, you will find a 2.6-kilometer out-and-back trail which is perfect for all ages. You’ll find easy, flat terrain that still provides excellent views which are sure to have you staring in awe or snapping photos. As well, those of you coming with furry little friends will be happy, as dogs are allowed at the preserve, so long as they are kept on a leash. You’ll find that the preserve makes for the perfect place to sit back and watch the sunset as the sky glows with hues of pink and red. Keep an eye out for deer at sunset when they come out to dine, and watch the skies for the occasional appearance of a hawk or even a bald eagle. Big Bear is a prime nesting spot for America’s favorite feathered symbol of freedom!

Teddy Bear Restaurant, 583 Pine Knot Avenue

Ok, we’re betting you are thinking to yourself, “How can a restaurant be an incredible sight?” Well, the restaurant itself may not be all that photogenic, but when you first catch sight of their dinner plate-sized pancakes, we think your camera will be out and documenting the “phenomenon” pretty quick! Not only this but you will a wide variety of different items for your dining pleasure. For instance, you are sure to find your mouth watering when you dig into their pastrami burger. You’ll also find such classic favorites as homemade chicken pot pie and chicken fried steak. During breakfast time, you’ll even find a hefty veggie burrito that ensures even those with a strict diet can still enjoy the flavors of the Teddy Bear Restaurant. If one is looking for a unique breakfast, make sure you tried their fried egg burger. During the lunch or dinner session, make sure you try their chili burger. If you find yourself here on a cold day, their homemade soups, chilis, and machaca are all made from original recipes that have been passed down for some time. You’ll find that at Teddy Bear Restaurant they even bake their own bread and even go so far as to mash their own potatoes. All this ensures that your meal at Teddy Bear Restaurant is sure to be a new favorite that you will crave for years to come.

Skyline Drive (Forest Road 2N10)

This scenic drive is a favorite of the locals, and when you drive its 10-mile length, you’ll understand why. The trees, hills, and even the sky along this road somehow look postcard perfect; keep your camera handy and plan on making a lot of stops. You could even pack a picnic and extend your time in paradise for an hour or two! If one is feeling truly ambitious, one can even hike the road, and for those looking to do this, they’ll find that despite the long length, it really is a fairly moderate hike and will gift you with truly incredible views along the way. However, if you do decide to hike it, make sure you keep an eye out for vehicles and bikers. If you are looking for a more private hike, the nearby Skyline Trail is equally as breathtaking.

The Sunset as Viewed from the Deck of Your Big Bear Vacations Lakefront Cabin

Charming on the inside, breathtaking on the outside, watching the sun set over the lake that is your backyard will make this vacation the most memorable ever. Pour yourself a glass of wine, plop down on an Adirondack chair, and prepare to be amazed. We can guarantee you’ve never seen a prettier sunset in your life, and it comes at no extra charge when you stay with us. Contact us to reserve your vacation rental today!