Top 5 Romantic Spots in Big Bear

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Big Bear is an absolutely perfect setting for a romantic getaway. All around Big Bear you will find places to spark romantic inspiration. Dine in luxurious ambiance, sip wine by the fire on a snowy night, or hike up to a to high mountain spot with awe-inspiring vistas of Big Bear Lake. There are so many romantic places in Big Bear that we’ve narrowed it down to the top five for you. These places are perfect for a Big Bear Lake Romantic getaway.

Big Bear Village

Composed of lovingly restored mid-1800s structures, quaint Big Bear Village is steeped in an atmosphere of romantic antiquity. You will find art galleries featuring some of the best local creators have to offer as well as some international and national gems, as well as unique shops and eclectic boutiques featuring a variety of different clothes and specialties for you to browse. All this throughout the Village which features, in total, over 120 local vendors ensuring that you’ll not run out of places to browse anytime soon. They don’t just offer shopping, though, as you’ll find several venues which feature entertainment throughout the year such as The Cave, where one will find a variety of musical acts to jam out to as the night grows old, as well as The Village Theater North, which offers a variety of films to enjoy as you much on some buttery and salty popcorn. However, no romantic stroll through Big Bear Village is complete without stopping into one of the little family-owned eateries along Big Bear Boulevard. You’ll find everything from pizzerias to comfort foods to romantic dining to even a selection of bars!

Castle Rock Trail

Castle Rock Trail is a perfect trail for a romantic day hike. Featuring a 2.7-mile out and back trail you are sure to find this the perfect place to hike together before taking in breathtaking views of Big Bear Lake, which of course await you and your loved one when you reach the top. Castle Rock Trail winds its way through beautiful rock outcroppings which will jut out like the fingers of an underground giant, sparkling lakes that glisten with the suns reflected light, and towering pine tree’s which rise above you like some ancient protector from days long since passed. Plus, you’ll find that there’s plenty of lovely places on the side of the trail for a romantic picnic.

Peppercorn Grille

 With its intimate atmosphere, delicious food, beautiful views, and intimate, yet beautiful, dining room the Peppercorn Grille makes for a wonderful romantic experience where you can dine by candlelight in a private booth or on the heated patio under the stars. Peppercorn Grille offers a mouth-watering menu of classical Italian dishes and unique international fare. You’ll find such gems as the Panko and Wasabi Crusted Chicken Breast, Roasted Five-Spice Pork Tenderloin, flakey Alaskan salmon, artichoke-stuffed chicken breast, and more.

The Pines Lakefront

 Few things say “romance” more than fine dining in a cozy atmosphere, and The Pines Lakefront offers the best fine dining in Big Bear. The Pines has been around since the 1920s, and you can enjoy impressive views of Big Bear Lake while dining in cozy fireside ambiance or al fresco on their wind-protected patio. Their extensive menu offers a large assortment of beef, poultry, pork and seafood dishes, as well as an assortment of game dishes including venison elk, and wild boar. Thus, you are sure to find something for you on their diverse menu, whether it be flavorful crab cakes, juicy prime rib, tender fillet mignon, and all in-between. For those vegetarian diners, you will be pleased to find they offer not only vegetarian dishes, but also a variety of gluten free ones so even those with a special diet can enjoy the complexities of their expertly crafted cuisine.

Boulder Bay Park

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