Top 5 Ski Trails in Big Bear

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Pack up your ski gear and head to a mountain ski paradise. The beautiful and quiet lakefront village and fresh mountain air of Big Bear will do wonders for your peace of mind while enjoying a fun ski vacation like no other. While the slopes may be singing out your name and encouraging you to take the adrenaline rush, there are several cozy and interesting trails that give you a view and experience of the best skiing in Big Bear that doesn’t compare to what you’ll get from the top of a resort mountain. Cross-country skiers or those who need a rest from the exhilaration of downhill skiing and looking for an easy slide through the snow can check out these trails. While they may not hit the trails with you, your furry friend doesn’t want to be left out of the winter fun! Ask about pet-friendly rentals so your best friend doesn’t get left out in the cold!

Deep Creek Loop

Deep Creek Loop is a quarter-mile loop trail that gives beginners a taste of cross-country skiing. There are a few gentle inclines, so the trail isn’t completely flat and gives a good idea of what more difficult Big Bear ski trails may be like. Beyond the trail is a tree-lined country road that continues for about two miles that you can ski along as well.

Lower Country Road Trail

After you’ve built some confidence, you’ll want to venture out onto some more difficult Big Bear ski trails for a little challenge. Lower Country Road Trail is just a little over two miles long, so the distance itself will be a bit of a challenge. The wide trail winds through peaceful surroundings, but changes elevation a little more frequently than the Deep Creek Loop, so be ready. You’ll definitely want to stretch your legs before attempting the entire trail.

Vista Trail

While Vista Trail may be similar to the Lower Country Road trail, this trail is just a little bit easier. Part of that comes from its length: it is only a mile in length. Also, the elevation changes aren’t as high or as frequent. You still want to be sure to do your leg exercises and pace yourself though, especially if you’re still building stamina and confidence.

Big Cedar Trail

Once you feel you’ve conquered the easier trails and earned your stripes, you can attempt some of the more difficult trails in the area. The mile-and-a-half length of Big Cedar Trail may not sound daunting after completing the two-mile Lower Country Road Trail, but the few drop-offs along the way will test your experience and readiness. The trail gets its name from the scenic tree-lined slope atmosphere you’ll find there, so make sure to admire your surroundings as you negotiate one of the best places to ski in Big Bear.

Upper Vista Trail

The Upper Vista Trail boasts a scenic view similar to the Big Cedar Trail, so keep your eyes open and make sure to take the time to admire your surroundings. You’ll definitely want to be well-practiced before attempting this trail! It features meandering twists and turns, drop-offs, as well as a narrower track to navigate.

Choosing the Right Gear

When you’re renting equipment for your Big Bear skiing adventures, make sure to let outfitters know your itinerary so they can recommend the best gear for what you want to do. Cross-country skis are very thin and come in a variety of types, including touring skis, performance skis, and metal-edged touring skis. When you want to trade paths for slopes, you’ll need downhill skis, which are wider than cross-country skis and come in a variety of shapes that are better for certain snow conditions.

Take the Trail to Best Skiing in Big Bear

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