Top 5 Spots for Big Bear Wildlife Watching

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Picture this: You’re hiking along a trail in Big Bear, enjoying our perfect weather and even more perfect views, and just when you think it can’t get any better, it does. You stand perfectly still, barely daring to breathe, and suddenly, a mama doe and her spindly-legged fawn step out from behind the brush. For a long second there’s a staring contest between you, the doe, and the fawn, and just as suddenly, they break into a gallop and disappear into the trees. While we can’t guarantee that this magical moment will happen to you, we can give you hints on where to find the best spots for Big Bear wildlife watching.

Boulder Bay Park

While there are no bad places in Big Bear to watch the wildlife, Boulder Bay Park is just about the most perfect place to view the wildlife of all types. From the creatures of the sea that you can view from the dock that leads out to Big Bear Lake or the deer, fox, or raccoons visible from the path that leads around the neck, this is just one spot that never fails to please. Not only does this area feature terrific nature watching, but you’ll also find it offers kayaking and canoeing, which is a great way to truly see the area and even get close and personal with some waterfowl. You’ll also find several picnic tables which are perfect for sitting back with a good meal as you listen to the symphony of nature; keep an eye out for the natural inhabitants peeking out of the woods for a glimpse of the newcomer to their realm. In the winter, you’ll even find the area makes for a great place to enjoy some old-fashioned snow play!

Big Bear Wildlife at the Alpine Zoo at Moonridge

Yes, it’s kind of obvious to announce you can see the wildlife at the zoo, but the most obvious answers can sometimes be the best ones. From the bears that put our town on the map to the red foxes, bald eagles, and snowy owls, the Alpine Zoo is a microcosm of the world outside its gates. You’ll even find some presentations of their more popular species such as racoons, snow leopards, bald eagles, and even bobcats! To make it even better, by visiting, you are helping a good cause, as they not only provide a glimpse into the natural world but also help injured animals. So, not only do you get a lovely afternoon, but you also get to contribute to a good cause.

Aspen Glen Picnic Area

Serene and peaceful, this popular picnic spot is located right where our local wildlife makes their homes. Stay quiet and still and watch to see how many come right out to the picnic tables or fire ring where you are sitting. Foxes, deer, and the occasional raccoons know this area is where the food is! Plus, there is something special about eating a grilled burger or steak while in the outdoors with the smell of pine dancing upon the winds. During the winter, one can even enjoy snow play, which is sure to be a much-appreciated activity for any little ones you brought along but also will trigger quite a bit of nostalgia as you race down a hill upon a sled with the wind in your hair and a smile upon your face.

Big Bear Lake

Not just a spot to capture photographs of colorful fish and interesting turtles, Big Bear Lake also attracts the beasts from the woods that surround it. Early in the morning and at sunset are the perfect times to view the shy animals, as their need for food and drink propels them from their daylight hiding places. Further, enjoy 22 miles of lake shoreline which ensures one can enjoy a day on the beach and all the water sports we have come to know and love. For instance, if one is looking for a rather relaxing afternoon, feel free to rent a kayak or a canoe and explore the lake up close and personal. One can even enjoy flying across the water as you keep your head down and the droplets from your wake crash down upon you when you rent a jet ski. There is even waterskiing and wakeboarding, which is always a classic and exciting way to spend your day at the lake. However, if you’ve never before set foot upon one, or for those who might like a refresher, there are lessons available before hitting the water.

The Deck of Your Big Bear Vacations Luxury Rental

Sometimes, all you need to do to see the Big Bear wildlife is sit in absolute silence on the deck of your vacation escape. Feel the cool night air kiss your cheeks as you stare at stars that just aren’t this bright or plentiful in your own hometown and wait for Mother Nature’s creatures to creep out onto your lawn. Contact us today to reserve your own piece of paradise; the magical memories made here will last a lifetime!