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Why Choose Big Bear Vacations for Property Management

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When it comes to rental property management in the Big Bear Lake area, there is no company that is more experienced or ready to maximize your dollar as much as possible as Big Bear Vacations.

A Long History of Proven Excellence

The first reason to consider Big Bear Vacations when deciding who should manage your rental property is our proven track record of success, as there is no company in Big Bear that has done it better for longer. Our history dates back all the way to early 20th century, and we have only continued to grow every year since. We have become a mainstay here in the town of Big Bear, and we believe this can be contributed to two things in particular: our unique business model, and our outstanding customer service.

An Innovative Marketing Campaign that Stands Out from the Rest

The property rental business has really exploded over the past couple of years, so you’re probably asking yourself: How can Big Bear Vacations guarantee I’ll be making money with so much competition? The answer is in our extremely aggressive marketing campaign that we employ for you and all of the properties that we manage. With a strong focus on media marketing on platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, as well as an online marketing campaign that focuses on search engine optimization, we can ensure that Big Bear (and your property) will always be near the top of the list whenever anyone looks to rent in the area. We are dedicated to making sure that your property information is out there as much as possible and that you are given the best marketing for your investment.

World Class Customer Service

We can get your property’s name out there all we want, but it doesn’t mean anything if customers aren’t satisfied, right? We understand that a satisfied customer is a customer that will continue to come back time and time again, which means your rental property gets booked more and more! This is why we focus heavily on providing world class customer service both to you and your rental as well as the customers who reserve them. We will do everything we can to ensure that your property is taken care of, including making sure the property is well stocked with items such as linens & towels, toilet paper, hand soap etc. We also provide top-notch service to every customer, including a luxury check-in experience and 24-hour service line so that once they stay with us the first time, they’ll continue to come back again and again.

Give us a call today and see how Big Bear Vacations can make the difference with your property rental today! Contact our New Homes Recruiter Christina Lindsey at (855) 845-6633 for more information or to get started!