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Reconnect in Big Bear Lake

Winter in Big Bear is a magical thing. The mountains are all snowcapped and glistening. The air is pleasantly crisp. The smell of woodsmoke drifts through the town and everyone bundles up, rosy-cheeked and excited.

It’s the perfect setting to reconnect. With nature, with your friends, your loved ones. The temps stay friendly all season. And when it’s not dumping fresh powder all over our slopes, the daytime sky is a stunningly deep blue. While all four seasons are special and popular up here in the San Bernardino mountains in the forest and on Big Bear Lake, winter has a sacred feeling when experienced surrounded by nature.

Take on all the winter adventure you can handle, then relax into your cozy mountain home-away-from-home. Big Bear Vacations is full-service, meaning we have certified Vacation Planners and a Full Service Concierge who can plan and book your entire trip for you! We can handle the logistics, you just enjoy the altitude.

There’s so much fun to choose from. Check out our list of 100 Things to Do and let your imagination go wild. And then let us help your daydreams come true too.

Here are a few highlights from the list: snowshoeing through a winter wonderland of wilderness, carving fresh powder down the bowl at Snow Summit, wolfing down a pizza-sized pancake, belting out that tune you know by heart during karaoke, and so much more.

After a long day, grab a hot drink in the evening and watch as the sun dips between the peaks, dazzling the huge surface of Big Bear Lake and setting the whole scene blazing in a deep gold. Even have dinner while you watch, right on the lake. After dinner strap on your boots and go line dancing at Wyatts, or head back to your mountain house and cozy up with the family around the fire. Most of our rentals are even pet friendly, so the dog can cozy up too!

Whatever your pleasure, it’s here. And we’re really good at making sure you find it.

Winter at Big Bear is pure magic. Join us!