Children’s Journey to Big Bear

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For children, a vacation can truly be an extra magical time where they don’t have to worry about tests or homework, but instead can just enjoy the new surroundings and various activities that lie in wait. Plus, a fun and exciting vacation can truly stick with kids for years to come. With the duties of modern life often causing us to become exceptionally busy, a vacation can be one’s chance to properly spend time together. If you are curious what there might be to do on your Big Bear, CA vacation with your little ones, read on and discover the excitement of a children’s journey to Big Bear, California.

Fun Big Bear Lake Family Activities Among the Trees

The forest and lake offer their own plethora of different ways one can enjoy the lake and surrounding natural landscape. For instance, one could take the kids to the trails and enjoy a wide variety of hikes that will have you exploring deep into nature. Head on down to Castle Rock Trail, which stretches and snakes 2.7 miles before reaching the end, where one can enjoy breathtaking views of the lake and pine forest that lies below. One could also head on over to the Alpine Slide at Magic Mountain which is open year-round; it lays claim to the only authentic bobsled experience in Big Bear! Each sled has Teflon runners and ball bearing wheels which allow you to reach speeds of up to 26 mph as you fly down the track with the pine trees whipping past. One could also enjoy some mini-golf while exploring the mountain; after all, there are few activates more classic than a round of mini-golf with the mountains and forest around you. One could also head on over to the Big Bear Rope Course, which is sure to be a favorite of theirs as they tackle 37 obstacles stretched out over 6,400 feet! You just might find that you are envying your little ones and wish to join. If one is really wanting to explore the lake, make sure you rent a seat on the Big Bear Pirate Ship, which is one of the best afternoon Big Bear Lake family activities. The kids are sure to enjoy the activities held by your captain and his pirate crew, while the adults can enjoy a tranquil tour of the lake.

If you find yourself visiting in the winter, the little ones are sure to love the various places available for good old-fashioned snow play! You’ll find sledding, snowman building, and all other manner of snowy fun at Aspen Glen Picnic Area, Grays Peak Trail, or the Cougar Crest Trail. Not only are your little ones sure to enjoy the experience, but it is the perfect chance to head down memory lane as you enjoy some old-fashioned nostalgia. One could also head on down to the Big Bear Speedway, which is sure to be a thrilling experience for you little ones as they take the helm of a SODI RT8 Kart which can reach speeds of up to 30 mph as you fly down the track and take the s-curves like a pro. They also are sure to enjoy checking out an escape room at Big Bear Escape Rooms, which have even won awards for their elaborate and complex sets. You’ll find rooms which are perfect for truly young ones and will have you all working as a unit to escape your holdings, while you’ll also find some which are terrifying and perfect for older kids who might enjoy feeling the adrenaline pump as they fight against the clock and their impending doom.

Children’s Journey to Big Bear Vacations

Here at Big Bear Vacations, we have you and your experience as our priority. For instance, we don’t just offer a room or two for you to choose from, but rather we offer over 300 different rentals, from the large and grand to the small and quaint, the modern and sleek to the warm and classical. No matter your personal tastes, nor what you are looking for, you are sure to find it here! You’ll even discover that most of our rentals come with a full kitchen that is perfect for those seeking to put together a feast for your family to enjoy, or those looking to avoid the vacation 15. We are more than happy to share our knowledge with you and help you put together the perfect itinerary for your Big Bear, CA, vacation that will have you seeing the very best that our area has to offer. As well, we are always here for you, no matter the time of day nor day of the week. So, should you have any questions, concerns, or general comments, remember that we are just a short phone call away.

Of course, this is all just a brief overview of some of the various ways children can enjoy Big Bear as much as you. So, if you’re ready to start the process and turn wistful dreams into reality, make sure to give us call at (877) 417-6504 or contact us here!