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Getting away with your best guy friends is bound to be a trip full of adventure, but it’s made that much more exciting when you’re heading towards Big Bear, California. This wild and scenic destination is just as great for hitting the trails as it is sitting back and sipping a microbrew at a cozy pub. Whether you love to hike, enjoy a golf course in Big Bear, or have a passion for savory stops, there’s no place quite like this when it comes to planning the ideal guys’ getaway. While you’re here, be sure to add these must-try locations to the list!

Day 1: Cougar Crest Trail

When you’re in the mood to get out and hit the trails start with Cougar Crest. The trail is very accessible with a starting point at the Big Bear Discovery Center. The trek takes you through towering pine trees and offers plenty of stops for soaking up the scenery and admiring wildlife along the way. Feel free to stop at the 2.5-mile marker and turn around to complete the trail loop or continue on to the connection with the Pacific Crest Trail when you’re hoping to extend your experience into a full day adventure. Views of the lake make the trek well worth the effort once you reach the higher points of elevation.

Cougar Crest Trail

Information at The Big Bear Discovery Center

40650 North Shore Drive

Big Bear Lake, California 92314

(909) 382-2790

Day 2: Big Bear Jeep Experience

When you and your buddies are looking for an excursion that gets you off road and into nature, there’s nothing like booking a Big Bear Jeep Experience. Come prepared with sturdy shoes and plenty of adrenaline because this tour takes you off the beaten path and into Big Bear wilderness. Guests will rent a jeep and follow a knowledgeable guide in a Jeep ahead on trails that tumble over rugged terrain and make for an exhilarating adventure. Two-way radios keep you in touch with your guide as you roll with plenty of opportunities built in for photographs and history lessons too.

Big Bear Jeep Experience

42011 Big Bear Boulevard Unit A

Big Bear Lake, California 92315

(909) 420-5828

Day 3: Big Bear Mountain Brewery – Sports Bar in Big Bear

End your day on a savory note with a stop at the sports bar in Big Bear called Big Bear Mountain Brewery. This relaxed, pub-style stop offers up some of the area’s most flavorful microbrews alongside an extensive menu of rich selections. From pale ale to chocolate porter and the many ambers in between, the staff at Big Bear Mountain Brewery are serious about beer and are always on hand to offer up some delicious advice when you aren’t sure where to begin on tap. This is the best sports bar in Big Bear!

Big Bear Mountain Brewery

40260 Big Bear Boulevard

Big Bear Lake, California 92315

(909) 866-2337

More to Enjoy During Your Guys’ Getaway to Big Bear

Once you’ve checked Cougar Crest Trail, the Big Bear Jeep Experience and the Big Bear Mountain Brewery off your itinerary, there’s no reason to let the fun end. Your guys’ getaway to Big Bear is bound to be unforgettable as is, but there’s always room to add in an activity or two more! When you’re the type of group that can’t wait for the adventure to continue on, there are plenty more options waiting to be enjoyed. Here are just a few to add to your itinerary that’s already brimming over with amazing moments.

Castle Rock Trail

While time on Cougar Crest Trail is sure to inspire, those that have a true passion for hiking often find that one great route leads to a desire to find the next best! When you’re up for a real challenge and your crew is an experienced pod of hikers, hitting up the Castle Rock Trail is bound to be a highlight of your getaway. Accessible off of Big Bear Boulevard, Castle Rock Trail offers up 500 feet of elevation gain and plenty of steep portions to conquer along the way. The reward you earn comes in the form of fantastic scenery as forested surroundings and lake views open up for the savoring. Pack plenty of water and bring your camera as the view from the rocky outcrop summit is sure to inspire photographic moments you’ll want to hang onto long after you’ve left Big Bear.

Book a Fishing Charter

There’s something special about time on the water surrounded by your best friends, and it’s never more true than when you take the opportunity to cast a line! Those who are in town and love to fish will find Big Bear to be a place brimming over with opportunity. Whether you’re an experienced angler or new to the sport entirely, booking time on the waves with Cantrell Fishing Guide Service is sure to please. Located at 400 Pine Knot Avenue, this team specializes in customized on-the-water experiences where you’ll learn about the species that call these waters home and also reel in some incredible catches. While traditional fishing is always on the books, those who are interested in fly fishing excursions will find them readily available upon request.

Helicopter Big Bear

Take your guys’ getaway to new heights by booking a sky-high tour with Helicopter Big Bear Tours while you’re in town. This company operates year-round and provides guests with a chance to soar above the forests and mountains in style. Headquartered at 501 Valley Boulevard, Helicopoter Big Bear is a one stop shop for incredible fun.

An Unforgettable Trip to Big Bear

When you’re headed towards Big Bear in the name of fun with your closest friends, be sure to let the team at Big Bear Vacations book you an amazing rental home. We’ll be sure to find a place that offers you the space and comfort you need while keeping you close to the fun places you’re excited to explore. Contact us today to start planning your trip to Big Bear!