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There are many kinds of journeys one can have, and each has its own perks and focus. For instance, some go on vacation with the goal of hiking and experiencing as much of the great outdoors as one can get; others go with the idea of trying as many restaurants as possible and embracing their inner foodie. However, others still prefer to go out on vacation and enjoy a chance to have some intimate time with that special someone in their lives and try their best to make the vacation a romantic memory to be cherished for years to come. Well, if you find yourself hoping for a getaway with your partner, make sure you read on about the Big Bear lake romantic getaway waiting for you in Big Bear, California!

An Intimate Big Bear Lake Romantic Getaway

Of course, with so much of the outdoors to explore, there are many romantic adventures awaiting you amongst the towering forests of Big Bear. For instance, one could decide to see the forests and snowy lake from above with Helicopter Big Bear, which offers a variety of tours ranging from a quick 7-minute glimpse to in-depth 45-minute flights. You’ll also get to choose from one of 10 different flights that will have you seeing everything from mountain lakes to the San Gorgonio Mountain Range to the unique ecosystem of the Mojave Desert. If heights aren’t quite your style, you might instead stick to the ground by heading over to Baldwin Lake Stables which offer 1-, 2-, 3-hour, or half-day tours! During this time, one will get to see a variety of different terrains, each being more breathtaking than the last. Furthermore, if one is really looking for a Big Bear romantic ride, check out their sunset rides, which will take you to a scenic lookout to watch the sunset decorate the sky like an autumn forest.

Some Romantic Snow Fun

There is something classically quaint about a romantic afternoon sledding and enjoying each other’s company. For instance, one could head over to Big Bear Mountain Resort and enjoy their Grizzly Ridge Tube Park, which offers three different tubing lanes each at 300 feet long! Further, their conveyer belt ensures at no point will you have to make a cold hike back to the top for your fun. However, if one is looking for a more classic sledding experience, one can make the most out of the various sledding hills that can be found around the area, including those at the Aspen Glen Picnic Area, the Grays Peak Trail, and the Cougar Crest Trail. If one isn’t looking to embrace speed, head on over to Action Tours where you can walk hand in hand as you are shown around the area with their Snowshoe Tours. This three-hour-long tour features multiple terrains and can be customized to fit the desires of each group.

A Cozy Meal

No Big Bear romantic journey is complete without a proper cozy meal to enjoy after a day of exploration and play. There are many romantic restaurants with intimate dining areas that can be found around the mountain. However, you might enjoy heading on over to the Peppercorn Grille, which features a breathtaking dining room and even a cozy heated patio. You’ll find they offer a variety of different dining options from the sea in the form of lobster and salmon, as well as pastas such as lasagna, ravioli, fettuccine alfredo, etc. Of course, at times the most intimate and enjoyable dining experiences are those that are cozy and welcoming, featuring the meals you and your partner are sure to remember fondly from dinners far off in the past. In this case, head on over to the Teddy Bear Restaurant find a variety of home-made entrees, including a variety of burgers from pastrami to Cuban to bacon as well as a variety of hot meals including chili, chicken fried steak, and homemade chicken pot pies. Further, don’t leave without trying one of their mouthwatering pies that have made them so beloved in the area.

You’re Romantic Lodging

After a romantic day, make sure you have the perfect place to return to by checking out our vast selection of rentals. You’ll find some that are on the smaller end, others that are large with extra luxuries, others that look like a family home, and others still that make you feel as if you stepped into a cabin hidden deep in the woods around. No matter your personal taste and what you are looking for, you are sure to find it here with Big Bear Vacations. As well, you will find that we also offer a range of different prices to allow any budget to come and experience the adventures found in Big Bear. You’ll also be pleased to find that many of our rentals are pet friendly, so even your furry little friend can come and enjoy the excitement. Finally, you’ll note that many of our rentals offer a full kitchen that is also stocked with all the basic cookware and dinnerware that you might find yourself needing to create a romantic feast for you and your significant other to enjoy and connect over.

As a company, we do all we can to ensure that you have the best possible vacation and that you leave with a collection of new memories to cherish and hold close. For that reason, we are always seeking to help however we can. For instance, we are well versed in the local area and for that reason are more than happy to help fill you in on all the various ways you can enjoy your stay with us and are even happy to help put together the perfect itinerary. We also understand that sometimes things come up and you might wish to get a hold of us. Well, fear not, for you will find that we are always here to chat no matter the time of day or day of the week.

So, if you are seeking to have a romantic and intimate journey, make sure you check out our comfortable and welcoming rentals, and make sure you keep the forests and lakes of Big Bear in mind. If you have any question about the area or are wishing to have some help picking the perfect rental for you, make sure to give us a call at (877) 417-6504 today!