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USASA Halfpipe

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Big Bear, California is loved by ski enthusiasts from across the country for its exciting slopes and high-energy vibe throughout the winter months. Perhaps no destination in Big Bear is more renowned for its dedication to fresh powder than Big Bear Mountain Resort. While this charming and meticulously maintained establishment provides top-level skiing opportunities throughout the colder portion of the year, February is the month that falls into the ski spotlight as Big Bear Mountain Resort hosts the United States of American Snowboard and Freeski Association (USASA) Halfpipe. This event draws participants in for the fun and thrill that Bear Mountain offers up freely.

Registration Details

Registration for the event is held prior to competition between 8:00 am and 9:00 am at Big Bear Mountain Resort which is located at 43101 Goldmine Drive. This event is open to participants of all ages and abilities. The goal of the USASA Halfpipe at Bear Mountain is to encourage a lifelong love of downhill skiing through the fun of organized and competitive events.


As a partner of USASA, Bear Mountain is transformed into a destination where potential is unleashed in every skier with a heart for taking to the slopes. USASA is the single largest snowboard and freeski community and has made a name for itself as a stepping stone for those looking for the entrance to the Olympic pipeline. This organization is over 5,000 members strong and is able to provide skiers across the nation with opportunities to participate in more than 500 events and 32 series on an annual basis. USASA partners with resorts like Big Bear Mountain Resort with the hopes of promoting foundations of respect, excellence and of course, big fun at all hosted ski events. The ski community tends to be filled with passionate, dedicated athletes and participating in the USASA halfpipe at Bear Mountain makes for an incredible moment to commune with like-minded ski enthusiasts holding fast to outdoor dreams and thrills.

Ski and Savor Big Bear

Big Bear Lake, California is full of winter fun and when you’re here to make the most of the USASA halfpipe, the team at Big Bear Vacations has your rental accommodations covered. Let us book you into a beautiful vacation home that is fit to your taste and style while keeping you close to the slopes you love. We’re happy to customize your stay to specific requests and are always here to answer questions you might have along the way. Contact us for more detailed information on our impressive portfolio of properties!