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Activities in Big Bear for a Solo Traveler

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While there are plenty of families who love to travel together on a Big Bear getaway, you can easily have a solo vacation as well. Big Bear is a great place to adventure on your own, with exciting activities all around. Take a look at what can await you in Big Bear:

Plenty of Skiing

Most visitors come to Big Bear during the winter season to take advantage of Snow Summit. This local ski resort features some of the best skiing in all of Southern California. A day carving down the trails is a perfect way to spend time alone. Snow Summit features 18 miles of skiable terrain with 11 ski lifts to take you up to the top of the many trails. Best of all, you just need to show up in your warm clothing, as everything else can be rented at the gear shop. This includes all ski and snowboard equipment and a lift pass. Once you are all set up, you will easily lose track of time on Snow Summit.

Get Out and Hike

Once the snow melts away, Big Bear features some incredible hiking trails. There are plenty of easy trails surrounding the lake that offer incredible views, such as Woodland Interpretative Trail and Happy Hills Trail. More experience hikers will enjoy Castle Rock Trail’s more rigorous terrain. If you enjoy mountain biking, there are also plenty of trails for that too. Grout Bay Loop Bike Trail and The Skyline Trail each offer over 12 miles of ridable terrain and are in a loop. Check out the local bike shops to find a rental for your solo trip in Big Bear.

Enjoy the Lake

Big Bear Lake is the biggest draw to the area during the warmer seasons of the year. While you will find mostly families enjoying the lake, you can also have some fun too. Fishing is a great solo activity; you can find a local fishing spot or hire a guide to take you around the lake. The fish are biting best during the fall, so plan accordingly.

More to Enjoy on Your Big Bear Getaway

These are just a few of the many ways a solo traveler can enjoy their Big Bear getaway. Check out our available rentals to find the perfect spot to host your stay. We have plenty of smaller-sized condos that will keep you close to the action and feel comfortable.