Big Bear Events: 5th Annual Crafts And Cranks Festival

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The biggest problem about planning a vacation can be choosing a spot that everyone in your family agrees on. Your wife, the avid mountain biker, may not appreciate the simple beauty of an intricately brewed craft beer, while you, the family brew connoisseur, may not dig the scent of bike grease and tire rubber! And when young children are involved, if the vacation doesn’t involve fun rides and mouse ears, they can spend the entire time cranky and crying, while your oldest ones only come to life when listening to the music of their favorite bands. It’s a scenario that is replayed all the time, all over the world, but if you’re planning a vacation to Big Bear the weekend of July 20 and 21st, we think we have the ideal solution: the 5th Annual Crafts and Cranks Festival which combines all your interests into one biggest Big Bear events!

Located at 880 Summit Boulevard

These two days in July may be our favorite days of summer, as this fun festival offers an experience that appeals to all. From mountain bike competitions to carnival rides, live music, and beer tastings, the Crafts and Cranks Festival is more than you imagined it could be. Admission is free for spectators, so spending time watching the best mountain bikers in the nation strut their stuff in front of cheering crowds as music played by local bands plays in the background fits easily into the tightest of vacation budgets. Drinking beer and riding, however, will cost you, and wrist bands can be purchased here. Beer wristbands cost $34.09 for one day or $57.41 for two days and include a Crafts and Cranks tasting glass. Ride wristbands cost $59.00 for adults 13 and over and $49.00 for children.

With over 40 breweries participating and exciting rides that include a climbing wall, zip line, and a scenic chair lift, if we stopped right here, we’re sure this would be more than enough to keep everyone in your family happy! But there’s so much more. Vendor booths will be selling tee shirts, baseball hats, and all the little things we love to treat ourselves with to serve as a reminder of all the fun that was had.

Time to Relax After Big Bear Events

After two full days of fun in the sun, everyone will be ready to head back to one of our Big Bear Vacations family getaways to relax and recover. Reserve yours today and discover another thing everyone will agree on: Our vacation homes make the best vacations even better!