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Sure, everyone wants to go to California during the summertime. But often, spring is the best time to enjoy yourself and really get a feel for being in nature. Plus, there are endless things to do around Big Bear during the spring. If you come here for Spring Break, you can not only enjoy watersports, hiking, and taking in the pristine weather, but you can also go shopping at the boutiques, have breakfast at one of the many cafes, o bar hopping in the downtown area, and learn about the wildlife and the history of Big Bear through the cultural buildings and museums. Let’s check out the top things to do during the spring season so you will never be bored during your Big Bear Spring Break stay in California!

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Go Hiking

This may seem obvious but hiking in the Big Bear area is the best activity to do during the spring! Not only will you be able to enjoy slightly cooler temperatures, but the snow will have melted from the winter, and you can see the amazing sights that people call home about. Either challenge yourself through hard lung-busting trails or go on nice nature walks with your young children — the possibilities are endless!

If you have young kids, we love going on the Happy Hills Trail at Big Bear Lake. This easy and paved trail is great for those who may have mobility issues or small kids who they are introducing to hiking and being outside in nature. You can take on this easy and short trail to the Alpine Pedal Path for a nice bike journey or quick walk with your family during a cool spring day.

If you want an intermediate trail that may take 2-3 hours, then the Pine Knot Trail starting at the Aspen Picnic Area is the best bet for your first day out. You can wander around and gaze at the plethora of different tree varieties, take in amazing views of San Gorgonio, and experience fewer people.

To make your day a bit harder, we recommend going on the Castle Rock Trail. This is the park’s most popular trail— and for good reason! You can challenge yourself by taking on the steep climb at the end of the trail that provides you with amazing views of the surrounding area.

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Go Fishing

Another fun outdoor activity that you can do during the springtime is going fishing. It doesn’t matter if you have fished every year since you were a kid or you are new at putting the bait on the end of the fishing pole — you will still love this experience! Big Bear has six marinas that are open from the beginning of April, ensuring that one lake is never too crowded with avid fishermen. You can either use your own boat, stay on the marina, or use a local fishing company to teach you the ropes. If you want to purchase your own rods and reels, head to Big Bear Sporting Goods to prepare for your full day out on the water.

Take in the Wildflowers and Nature

Big Bear is no stranger to beautiful sights, incredible wildlife, and pristine nature. We think that walking around and seeing the flowers, plants, and wildlife is one of the best things to do during the cold spring mornings and the warm spring afternoons. You can head to the Baldwin Lake Ecological Reserve to check out the large variety of flowers and plants that are sure to make for incredible photos.

Go Off-Roading for Some Adrenaline-Filled Adventure

Off-roading is a great way to see the nature of Big Bear and the surrounding area without breaking a sweat — of course, the adrenaline and the fun of being off-roading in a jeep might make you a bit hot! But you can rest assured there are professional companies you can use who will take good care of you as you speed through the dirt paths and feel the cold breeze against your face. There is nothing better to do on a slightly hot spring day! Head to the San Bernardino National Forest to weave your way through the expansive network of off-roading trails.

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See, there is plenty to do in Big Bear during Spring Break! Head here during the months of April and May to enjoy fewer people, great weather, and ample things to do. We guarantee you will have the best vacation of your entire year. Big Bear Vacations can help you plan your holiday AND get you the best place to stay!

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