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Enjoy a Vacation in Big Bear While Working Remote

HomeEnjoy a Vacation in Big Bear While Working RemoteEnjoy a Vacation in Big Bear While Working Remote

Due to health concerns, many US employees have been allowed to work from home for the foreseeable future. Social distancing is the best way for everyone to get past the current health crisis, and there is no better way to do that than working from the comfort and safety of your own home. The idea of working from home is great in theory, but an unchanging routine can be tiring. Take advantage of this unusual time and plan for a “work from home” vacation that will allow you to complete your work duties in a new and exciting setting. Big Bear, California is the perfect location to do just that. Our vacation rentals can be an exciting new work and living space for your trip and keep you close to everything that makes Big Bear exciting.

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A New Workplace While You Vacation in Big Bear

Everyone needs a little change of scenery, especially when all they have seen for the past few months is the inside of their home. Get out and see the amazing vacation rentals we have available in Big Bear. Take your entire family with you on your vacation and reserve one of our bigger homes. Numerous bedrooms and bathrooms give everyone in the home plenty of space. The homes are stocked with all the essentials such as linens and sheets, so you do not have to bring anything from home. Our rentals are also cleaned with extra detail before every visit so you can ensure you and your family stay safe. For solo travelers, our smaller rentals are the perfect space for some privacy. These rentals still offer all the necessities and can even have some great views of the lake! Regardless of what size of rental you reserve, you can expect to have Wi-Fi access to ensure your work from home goes uninterrupted while you vacation in Big Bear.

Enjoy Big Bear Lake

When visiting Big Bear, it’s almost required that you spend some time on the lake. Before and after your work hours, make sure to hit the water for a variety of exciting activities. Solo travelers can rent a kayak from one of the local marinas and explore the water at their own leisure. Big Bear Lake is big enough for you to see a new sight every day of your trip! If you enjoy fishing, you will really love Big Bear Lake. There are a variety of fish to reel up, including trout, bass, catfish, bluegill, and more. Hire a local fishing charter to take you on a private tour of the lake and be shown all the hotspots for reeling in trophy-size catches.

Families will have just as much fun on the lake too. Relax with your family at one of the local beaches. Set up an enjoyable picnic or splash around in the water. You can pick up a canoe or other watercrafts from the marinas. Any of these activities can be done after work hours and while maintaining social distancing.

Hit the Trails

Big Bear is an outdoor enthusiast’s playground with many local trails surrounding the area. Hit up popular trails such as Castle Rock Trail that ends a steep hike with incredible views of the lake. Alpine Pedal Path Trail is paved trail found right off Big Bear Lake that is perfect for those who like biking. Pick up a bike in town and spin out a few miles with the lake as your backdrop. Most of these trails are very popular during the summer season. Beat the crowd by getting in a hike before your workday starts back at your vacation rental. This ensures you can even park right next to the trailhead!

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Plenty of Coffee and Food in Town

No vacation getaway is complete without access to plenty of delicious food and many of our rentals happen to be close to town! Coffee will be especially important as you plug away at your job in your vacation rental. Popular coffee shops, including Moonridge Coffee Company and Tea & Coffee Exchange, currently offer takeout of your favorite espresso beverages and bites to eat. You will be ready for a proper meal after your work shift has completed. Fortunately, Big Bear continues to offer a variety of eats for takeout and dine in services. Grab your favorite comfort food to go at Grizzly Manor Café. Peppercorn Grille is the perfect spot for a family meal inside a warm and comforting ambience. Of course, a full wine and cocktail menu will give the adults plenty to sip on during your stay.

More Fun in Big Bear

Working remote has never been so fun when you choose Big Bear for a quick vacation while working. Call today and see which vacation rental will best suit your needs. You can “work from home” while in close proximity to all these activities and more!

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