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Ghost Tours in Big Bear

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While it may be uncommon knowledge to those living outside of Big Bear, this vacation destination has a rich history which has led to several haunted locations in the area. You can explore the haunted history of Big Bear with several ghost tours available during your stay.

Haunted Pirate Ship at Halloway’s Marina

An even more thrilling ride around Big Bear is the Haunted Pirate Ship found at Halloway’s Marina. You and your family will be taken around Big Bear Lake as the real life paranormal stories from the area are described in great detail. Unlike the Haunted Hayride, the Haunted Pirate Ship focuses on the rich history of the area instead of jump scares. The Haunted Pirate Ship Tour is available during the months of September and October at 2:00 pm.

Jeepers Creepers at Big Bear Jeep Experience

Keep things on the ground with a thrilling Jeep ride through the Gold Fever Trail found outside of Big Bear. The Jeepers Creepers tour through Big Bear Jeep Experience takes you on a thrilling two-hour tour through the challenging Gold Fever Trail. A knowledgeable tour guide will provide a two-way conversation over your radio, explaining the mining history in the area, including the historic hangman tree. Mining towns are always known for haunted histories and Big Bear is no different.

The Captain’s Anchorage

While not a formal ghost tour, you can visit one of the most popular sites in Big Bear at The Captain’s Anchorage. This local restaurant is still open for business despite claims of hauntings occurring every year. Stop in for delicious food and drinks and try to find your own personal spooky encounter!