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How to Enjoy a Thanksgiving 2020 Getaway to Big Bear

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Year after year, Thanksgiving is a holiday that brings families together in the name of counting blessings and enjoying savory meals that are sure to inspire. Between the turkey, cranberry sauce, and time spent prepping for major shopping events, Thanksgiving has long had a way of bringing family, friends, and loved ones together. Then…2020 happened.

This year, it’s more than just meal planning that’s top of mind for many. The global pandemic has families wondering if partaking in those loved traditions is even possible in tandem with keeping safety and health a priority. So instead of stressing over details that you might just not want to risk, consider switching things up this year and planning a Thanksgiving away in Big Bear instead. Taking your celebrations on the road gets the family together without needing to hop between houses and risk the health of multi-generational family members. Yes, Thanksgiving elsewhere is different, but when you set your holiday sights on a Getaway to Big Bear, California, it could be just the change you’ve been craving!

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The Beauty of Big Bear

Situated within the pristine beauty of the San Bernardino National Forest and Mountains, Big Bear is an off the beaten path escape into nature, far from the hustle and bustle of large city centers like Los Angeles that sit two hours away. In the winter, the slopes of Big Bear call to downhill enthusiasts while the summer months make for world-class hiking and biking options in this area which also provides access to a beautiful lake by the same name. Big Bear’s focus on nature and scenic surroundings makes it an ideal holiday getaway locale where families can enjoy each other’s company but commune more with nature than with large crowds. November in Big Bear still provides opportunities for bundling up and getting out on the trails when you’re ready to walk off any well-earned meal calories. It’s also the perfect place to set up along the lake and savor the view or try kayaking or canoeing in the event the weather leans towards warmer while you’re in town. If it happens to snow early this year, visitors to Big Bear can always take advantage of time on the slopes skiing, snow tubing, or adventuring down the alpine slide at Magic Mountain.

Carryout Restaurant Meal Options for Your Getaway to Big Bear

If you don’t want to hassle with creating your own Thanksgiving dinner in Big Bear, there are area eateries that provide mouthwatering options for take-out that are both savory and save time in the kitchen. Peppercorn Grille at 553 Pine Knot Avenue is known for their annual Thanksgiving meal options, and this year you can simply order to-go when you’re looking to feed your family in the comfort of a nearby vacation rental instead. Order up a traditional Thanksgiving meal this holiday or stick with the menu favorites at Peppercorn Grille which range from seafood and steak to pasta, pork, and chicken selections. The Pines Lakefront is also a great take away restaurant option when you’re looking to dine in style. This establishment has been an icon in the area since opening in the 1920s and is known for its innovative flavor pairings that extend to meat and seafood options alike. From mussels drenched in chardonnay, garlic and rosemary sauce to prime rib or New York steak, their menu is bound to have something to please every palate at the holidays.

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Finding Your Holiday Home Away from Home

In the event you do want to stick with those well-loved meal traditions and are ready to tackle it all from the comfort of your vacation rental, properties available with Big Bear Vacations offer up access to fully equipped kitchens for visitors headed this way. Here, guests can utilize spacious countertops, modern appliances as well as cabinetry stocked with cookware and utensils, making the process easier than ever. Dine together indoors at the table or if the weather is warm enough, the meal can even be enjoyed outdoors on a sprawling patio, balcony, or deck. When everyone’s full, find a cozy spot in a large living room to enjoy good conversation or stream your favorite holiday movie on a large flat-screen television. When it’s time to wrap up the festivities, everyone in your crew can retire to spacious, private bedrooms and rest up for a day of fun ahead with ease.

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