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Natural Attractions in Big Bear

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When it comes to an adventurous getaway to Big Bear, you have a variety of natural attractions in the area to visit. Some may be steps away from your vacation rental while others may take a drive to get there. The beautiful outdoor playground of Big Bear is open for you to explore. As many people are working from home, it’s the perfect time to head to Big Bear to work, learn, and play! Check out some of our favorite natural attractions in Big Bear below!

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Castle Rock Trail

Big Bear features an abundance of hiking trails in the area that lead to incredible views. Perhaps one of the most popular trails in Big Bear is Castle Rock Trail. This incredible trail is easy in difficulty and rewards those who make it to the top with panoramic views of Big Bear Lake; just don’t let the initial mile that is reported to be steep scare you away! Castle Rock Trail has been open for decades, letting visitors and locals alike see the beauty of Big Bear. Our perfect temperatures mean you can also take on the hiking trail during most times of the year. Most hikers report they can complete the trail in under 3 hours.

San Gorgonio Mountain

Experiencing the natural wonder of Southern California is best done with a visit over to San Gorgonio Mountain. Those willing to make the short drive will be rewarded with the highest peak in all of Southern California, standing over 11,000 feet high. San Gorgonio Mountain is known for its incredible sightseeing with visitors being able to see desert flora on one side in the distance with more mountainous terrain on the other. San Gorgonio Mountain is not for the faint-hearted. Hikers report this is a very steep trail stretching over 9 miles in length. Expect a workout, but also some incredible views that no other natural attraction in Southern California can provide.

Big Bear Lake

Of course, if you are making the trip to Big Bear, you have to stop by Big Bear Lake to see the most famous of the natural attractions in Big Bear. Big Bear Lake is a fascinating lake, as it is only fed with snow to maintain its water levels. The Big Bear region was populated by the Serrano Indian Tribe over 2,000 years ago and used Big Bear Lake as their freshwater source. The lake itself provides sustenance for local wildlife. The freshwater source also helped local flora produce food such as nuts, berries, and acorns for the indigenous tribe. A trip to Big Bear Lake is a fun excursion for any family looking to have some water-based fun, but understanding the importance that Big Bear Lake has on the local region is even more rewarding for those wishing to connect with the locales that they visit.

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Stanfield Marsh Wildlife and Waterfowl Preserve

As development increases across Southern California, it can be difficult to maintain areas for local wildlife to flourish. One natural attraction that does exactly that near Big Bear is Stanfield Marsh Wildlife and Waterfowl Preserve. This preserved marsh is found just off the lake and allows incredible wildlife such as pelicans and herons a place to coexist peacefully. Hotter summers have recently left the marsh dry during the summer seasons; it is best explored during other times of the year. Boardwalks make it easy to explore at your own convenience. Binoculars are highly recommended as wildlife typically will flee when approached by people. The Stanfield Marsh Wildlife and Waterfowl Preserve can be accessed on the eastern shore of Big Bear Lake.

San Bernardino Forest

The largest natural attraction surrounding Big Bear is the San Bernardino National Forest. The entire region, including Big Bear Lake, is a part of this national forest. In fact, the city of Big Bear Lake is the only official city within the forest boundary! San Bernardino Forest stretches over 823,000 acres, with an elevation change up to 11,499 feet at its highest point. The forest rangers and volunteers work tirelessly every year to help restore animal habitats and keep campsites up to par. Visitors can enjoy endless miles of hiking, camping near campsites, and observe the incredible wildlife in the area that includes yellow legged frogs, bald eagles, peregrine falcons, and may endangered animals. San Bernardino Forest hosts 71 threatened and endangered species in the area along with over 85 different species of flora, including varieties of oak tree and pine trees. Visitors should always be wary as the San Bernardino Forest is also home to a large black bear population so keep your food sealed and put away during your visit.

Unfortunately, due to ongoing wildfires, San Bernardino National Forest is currently closed. It always hurts to see such a precious natural resource under threat, and we hope that when the forest is once again open for visitors, you will help us preserve its beauty for years to come by keeping fire safety top of mind.

Get Ready for Attractions in Big Bear

As you can see, there are several different natural attractions in and around the Big Bear area. You can be close to each one of these attractions by reserving one of our exclusive vacation rentals in the area. Call today and book your rental home so you can enjoy the incredible wilderness and natural attractions in Big Bear.

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