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Outdoor Adventures in Big Bear

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There is no wrong time to visit Big Bear, California, as this outdoor paradise can be enjoyed all year round. If you are looking to find the perfect fall getaway, we recommend visiting Big Bear before the snow sets in this winter. Here are some outdoor Big Bear adventures you can enjoy:

Trek the Alpine Pedal Path Trail

For an easier hike that anyone in the family can enjoy we recommend visiting the Alpine Pedal Path Trail found on the north rim of Big Bear Lake. This asphalt path can be enjoyed by hikers, bikers, and even strollers with ease. Visitors may even want to stop by the Discovery Center along the way to find educational yet enjoyable exhibits that highlight what makes Big Bear Lake so special. We recommend checking out the Alpine Pedal Path Trail during November when migrating eagles settle in the area; in fact, this area of Southern California has the largest bald eagle population during the winter season. See them fly in before the snow comes in this fall!

See the Views at Boulder Bay Park

Take in the beauty of Big Bear with a relaxing visit to Boulder Bay Park. This local park is one of the newer additions to the area, having opened in 2017. While on the small side, Boulder Bay Park features unbelievable views of the surrounding area. Locals recommend spending a few hours at this clean park to relax with a picnic. Make sure to pick up some rental kayaks from town and start exploring the lake from the shore. Jumping into the water might be a little chilly during the fall season, so make sure to bring a jacket.

Climb Up Castle Rock Trail

While the Alpine Pedal Path Trail can be enjoyed by anyone, the Castle Rock Trail is recommended for those looking for a moderate challenge. Climbing up the hill can be a bit of a challenge as there are plenty of rocks found on the trail. But once you reach the top you will be rewarded with incredible views. The fall season is the perfect time to climb up as Castle Rock Trail is extremely popular during the summer season.

More to Do Outdoors with Big Bear Adventures

These are just a few of the outdoor Big Bear adventures you can have this season. Plan ahead and book one of our exclusive vacation rentals in the area for your stay. Call today and see which rentals are available for an outdoor adventure in Big Bear.