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Places to Eat in Big Bear for a Cool Treat to Beat the Summer Heat

HomePlaces to Eat in Big Bear for a Cool Treat to Beat the Summer HeatPlaces to Eat in Big Bear for a Cool Treat to Beat the Summer Heat

Nothing sounds better in the warm summer than an ice-cold treat to keep you cool! Check out these places to eat in Big Bear where you can find delicious treats to stave off the heat:

Ben & Jerry’s Big Bear

Ben & Jerry’s is not just an East Coast ice creamery, as you can find their delicious treats right in Big Bear. You can find scoops of all your favorite ice cream flavors such as Cherry Garcia and Half Baked. Grab a simple scoop or mix and match for a cold ice cream bowl. Ben & Jerry’s Big Bear is open from 10:00am to 9:00pm Sunday through Thursday and open until 10:00pm on Fridays and Saturdays.

Scooter’s Real Italian Ice

There is never a bad time for some fresh shaved ice in Big Bear. Find out where Scooter’s Real Italian Ice is parked at for a cold treat. Scooter’s Real Italian Ice is the only shaved ice food truck in the city, so you can find them when you least expect it. You can always give them a call at 855-337-2668 to see where they currently are. All of your favorite flavors are on hand, so make sure you enjoy this cold treat!

OJ’s Donuts House

Let us be real, enjoying a donut with a cold scoop of ice cream is the perfect pairing more people need to take advantage of. You can find just that with a trip inside the popular dessert headquarters of OJ’s Donuts House. The new frozen yogurt menu has become a hit with the locals, offering a range of treats. OJ’s Donuts House is open every day of the week from 6:00am to 9:00pm so you can even grab a cold iced coffee in the morning before you start your day!

Blues Bar

Of course, it’s not just the children who should have all the cool treats during the summer in Big Bear. The adults can also enjoy their favorite ice or blended cocktails at the Blues Bar. You can find all of your favorite spirits paired with the right mixers. Like most bars, the Blues Bar is open late so you can enjoy some after dinner cocktails.

Stay Cool in Big Bear

The summer season is the perfect time for a trip to Big Bear. Enjoy our vacation rentals in the area where a range of amenities and floor plans will keep your family comfortable and ready to explore more of Big Bear. Let us find you the perfect rental for your next stay in Big Bear.