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Property Walkthrough: Cedar Pines #1529

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If you are tired of the hustle and bustle of city life, then we have the perfect respite from the chaos of the weekly struggle. Forget spending hours and hours on a search engine, only to find an overpriced hotel in a location that is far away from everything fun that you want to do. Instead, we have a spacious and modern Big Bear vacation rental that is perfect for you and your three best friends! We love this cozy house for a couples’ retreat, family getaway, or friend weekend filled with laughs, fun, and outdoor activities. Not to mention, the surrounding area is filled with activities, outdoor sports, cool restaurants, buzzing cafes, bustling bars, and everything in between! It doesn’t matter if you are coming here with your best friends, your parents, or your kids — any person will be able to find things to do in the vibrant Big Bear Lake community when you stay in Cedar Pines #1529!

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Inside Our Condo

Cedar Pines #1529 is a condominium that is right in the heart of the Moonridge area. Instead of having to get in your car and drive everywhere, like the nearby shops, restaurants, bars, and hiking trails, you can simply walk on foot to the numerous golf courses, hiking trails, and the zoo with your children.

One of the main perks of our rental is the outdoor space. We offer a balcony and deck area that is perfect for watching the sunrise in the early mornings and the sunset in the late summer evenings. You also have a fenced-in yard that is safe and secure for playing catch with your kids or playing with your dog in the bright sunshine.

Cedar Pines offers a barbecue area, so the master chef in your group can whip up a few burgers and hot dogs for a filling lunch to take on a hike or eat in your modern kitchen. Not only will you have a house in a centralized Big Bear spot, but you can take advantage of the outdoor activities, fun-filled atmosphere, and alpine air.

If you need to come inside to take advantage of the blasting air conditioning on a hot summer day, we don’t blame you. Curl up on the cozy couch, comfortable chairs, and chill out in our relaxed space. We have tons of seating areas for you and your guests, featuring a loveseat and couch near the fireplace and smart TV. Turn on your favorite show to wind down after a long day of hiking and exploring the nearby area!

Feeling a bit hungry? Head into the spacious kitchen with new appliances, ample counter space, and tons of storage cabinets for holding snacks, dried goods, and bottles of wine — you are on vacation, after all! Whip up a quick dinner and head to the living room to eat together as a family and chat about what you want to do in the upcoming days.

After a full day of checking out the surrounding area, spending time with loved ones, and playing board games on the living room table, it is time to go to bed. Head to one of the two bedrooms to curl up in the plush bedding, rest your head on the fluffy pillows, and get a great night of sleep. If you need to rinse off before you hop into the soft bed, take a quick shower to wash the sand off your feet or the dirt off of your legs in the modern and high-powered hot shower.

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Everything You Need for Your Big Bear Vacation

And don’t forget that we are reputable professionals who are, arguably, the best in the entire state. We make sure that you get whatever you need to make your vacation unforgettable. Do you need extra linens? Maybe you would like a few suggestions on the best hiking trails for beginners. Or, perhaps you have a few questions about the best restaurants, the top things to do in the vicinity, or how to get to the nearest coffee shop. Luckily for you, we have knowledgeable agents who are on hand 24/7 to help you with anything you may need. Contact us to book your stay today!

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