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Secluded Activities in Big Bear

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There are times when a vacation is all about vibrant energy and big crowds. Then there are times when all you need is some time to yourself to rejuvenate, recharge, and refresh. Big Bear is a perfect place to do this thanks to its stunning scenery and options to learn something new at every turn. The following are just a few of the many inviting and secluded activities in Big Bear to enjoy the next time you’re in town.

Take Time to Unwind at the Baldwin Lake Ecological Reserve

Every once in a while, the very best way to relax, unwind, and leave the hustle of life behind is to immerse yourself in the beauty and tranquility of nature. Big Bear is a perfect place to do exactly that, especially when visitors make their way to the Baldwin Lake Ecological Reserve. This one-of-a-kind stop is a great place to retreat from the crowds and enjoy landscapes that showcase a pebble plain habitat at its very best within the greater Big Bear Valley. It’s a rarity on Earth and a place where you’ll find you can linger longer than you originally planned. The topography of the reserve includes clay soil covered with Ice Age-era alpine plants known as “pebble plains.” The white and orange quartzite pebbles on the surface give the area its name and create a place where you can spend time marveling at the world nature does without ever needing any help. Those who are lucky enough to drop by the reserve in the spring will find wildflowers blooming in abundance! It’s a great place for nature photographers to enjoy an afternoon of capturing amazing views and if you love wildlife, there’s plenty of that to spot here too.

Embrace an Equestrian Experience at Your Own Pace

Another great activity to add to your itinerary when you’re looking for something to enjoy on your own that’s calming and equally fun is a day spent at the Baldwin Lakes Stables. Situated at 46475 Pioneertown Road in Big Bear, the Baldwin Lakes Stables offers private riding lessons upon request as well as trail rides that can be customized to enjoy over 1, 2, or 3 hours at a time. They even offer half and full-day rides that showcase the area’s inspiring terrain on horseback alongside a knowledgeable guide. Baldwin Lakes Stables has been serving the area for more than 25 years and is equipped to help riders of all skill levels make the most of the moment. If a little animal therapy might go a long way towards your overall feeling of calm, be sure to check out their petting zoo before you go where you can interact with everything from pigs and rabbits to goats and alpacas. The stables and petting zoo are found just 7 miles from The Village making this a convenient and stress-free addition to any trip.

Count Your Blessings at Grateful Heart Animal Sanctuary

When you’re hoping to pair your secluded outing with a little gratitude for all that’s good in the world, you’ll find both at Grateful Heart Animal Sanctuary. Located at 47022 Lakeview Road, the Grateful Heart Animal Sanctuary is a local retreat for rescued farm animals that are nursed back to health and permanently cared for at the facility. It’s a place of hope and second chances and a wonderful way to spend an afternoon seeing the resilience in life that creatures large and small can muster.

Book an Experience at the Big Bear Retreat Center

Situated within a forest of pines and junipers in Big Bear sits the inviting Big Bear Retreat Center. This is the perfect stop for those who are looking for some secluded time away focusing on calm, mindfulness, and meditation alike. The retreat center sits on a property that spans 100 acres of terrain and is designed to inspire visitors to let go of worry and stress and let the beauty of nature lead the way to a state of balance instead. Retreats here are offered year-round with varying focuses on meditation, yoga, and more.

Reserve a Private Session at the Mountain Yoga Center

While a typical yoga session might not come to mind as a secluded experience, those who are heading to Big Bear and looking for a quiet yoga-focused class without the crowds can find it at Mountain Yoga Center. This yoga studio in Big Bear is found at 41957 Big Bear Boulevard #3 and is proud to provide guests with options to book 1-hour private sessions for just $75. Sessions can be customized to skill level and are a great way to relax and refresh with one-on-one instruction included.

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