The 49th Annual Oktoberfest is held in Big Bear in October

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Celebrating Oktoberfest in Big Bear is not just fun for some, but also a way of life. Oktoberfest is one of the most popular events in the world and is celebrated in dozens of countries. The Big Bear community joins in the celebration each year with the Annual Oktoberfest event. Big Bear Lake Oktoberfest has become more well known for its unique traditions, old-world ambience, and celebrating this German festival with friends and family. This year the 49th annual event is scheduled to take place and will be one of the biggest showcases of Oktoberfest in all of California. Here is what you can find at this year’s Oktoberfest in Big Bear:

Unique Oktoberfest Events

Drinking classic German beers is not all there is to do when attending Oktoberfest. Big Bear Lake Oktoberfest has several ongoing events for you to enjoy. Test your might in the log sawing and stein holding contests. Several children’s events will also take place so the kids can enjoy their own fair share of excitement. Late-night events such as the Safe Slam Beer Drinking and Beer Pong contests are perfect for the college-age crowd and take place each Saturday after 8:00pm. This is definitely the biggest festival in Big Bear in October!

Live Musical Acts

Oktoberfest would not be a true extravaganza without plenty of musical performances. This year’s Oktoberfest performances will be held on two separate stages allowing you to take in the incredible music all day long. Enjoy classic German tunes from The Express Band and Franken Power Express From Germany. Other local groups such as Tessie & The Calico Cats and Blue Henrys will also be taking the stage to play their unique songs and tunes.

9 Weeks of Events

The Big Bear community sure knows how to celebrate Oktoberfest with nine scheduled weeks of events. This year’s Oktoberfest starts on the weekend of September 7th and runs through the weekend of October 26th for eight full weekends of fun. An Oktoberfest Encore celebration will take place the ninth weekend on Saturday November 2nd to complete this popular tradition in Big Bear. Tickets for the 49th Annual Big Bear Lake Oktoberfest are on sale now and can be purchased by calling 909-585-3000. The celebration will take place at 42900 Big Bear Blvd.

Your Big Bear Getaway

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