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Big Bear, California is a great vacation destination no matter what time of year you’re fortunate enough to enjoy time away from the hustle and bustle of life. Complete with beautiful mountains, options for on-the-water fun, and the activities, attractions, restaurants, and shops to match, Big Bear has become a place with a little something for absolutely everyone. Whether you’re headed this way on a solo adventure, in the company of your significant other, or with the entire family in tow, it’s a place where it’s easy to create a customized itinerary to enjoy from the moment you arrive until the day you depart.

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While Big Bear’s charming ambiance and scenic surroundings make it a fan-favorite California stop for all, getting around Big Bear is also an appealing exercise these days thanks to the Big Bear Trolley! This free ride service is convenient and cozy with plenty of delightful aesthetic details in place too. Painted bright red with iconic yellow detailing, the trolley isn’t hard to spot and is an enjoyable way to get around a city that promises to delight as well.

Big Bear Trolley Specifics

The Big Bear Trolley is managed by Mountain Transit and provides a cost-free way to get around Big Bear when you’re excited to see and do everything on your vacation list! The Trolley runs on three specific routes designated as Blue, Red, and Gold respectively. Each route takes visitors towards some of Big Bear’s most iconic and visited stops, enabling everyone to reach their destinations in a fun, safe, and convenient way. The trolley routes run toward The Village, ski resorts, and Boulder Bay just to name a few. Looking to make your way to nearby supermarkets or even the airport without having to hassle with a vehicle? The routes run there too.

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The Many Benefits of the Trolley System in Big Bear

Trolley transportation is designed to be a free service to visitors and locals alike, making it simple to navigate even the highest of travel seasons in this area. The free Big Bear Trolley is proving to be wonderfully reliable and a great way to reduce traffic congestion throughout Big Bear. In all seasons, this mode of transportation contributes significantly to reducing car pollution in the valley—a win-win for visitors, locals, and the planet too! Those hoping to leave their cars and trucks behind and simply focus on the fun will find the trolley easy to access and a fun way to see the sights and reach popular stops.

Planning Your Ride

While the Big Bear Trolley’s aesthetic decidedly leans towards the retro, it functions on a platform that’s built on modernity! This eco-friendly approach to getting around is also easy to track when you’re looking to hop aboard and discover the best that Big Bear has to offer. The Trolley App is a quick and efficient way to see where the trolley is and when the next one closest to you will be arriving. When you’re planning your ride, be sure to note that the trolley service operates from 6:30 am until 9:30 pm every day of the week. On average, trolleys come around to stops every 30 minutes. Any schedule changes are also easily accessible to keep up with on the app.

Trolley Routes

Understanding the basics when it comes to the three main trolley lines will help you save time when making plans to take the trolley to fun destinations the next time you’re in town. The blue line stretches from Veterans Park to Willow Landing Road. Some of the highlight stops on this line include Holloways Marina, Big Bear Marina, Village Elks Lodge, and the Civic Center/Performing Arts Center.

The red line is designated for travel between The Village at Knickerbocker Road through to Erwin Lake. A few of the major stops on this line include Fox Farm Road, Bear Mountain Ski Resort, Snow Summit, Big Bear Airport, Big Bear Lake Convention Center, and Erwin Lake.

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The gold trolley line takes passengers seamlessly between Mountain Meadows Senior Apartments through to Paradise Way. Along this line, stops include Summit Plaza, Stater Bros Supermarket, Bear Valley Community Hospital, and The Village.

While this brief overview can prove helpful, checking out a more detailed listing of stops for each line is easy to do on the trolley app as well.

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