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You may think you do not need a tour to enjoy the incredible area that makes up and surrounds the city of Big Bear. And the truth is, you are right. This place is so amazing, it is nearly impossible to not have a memorable experience here. But if you want to experience the beauty, recreation, and community of Big Bear like never before, then you should consider taking one of the many fantastic tours provided here anyway. The following are just a few of the Big Bear tours that provide a one of a kind experience.

Big Bear Off-Road Adventures

These off-road adventures are sure to be unlike any other that you have experienced. Firstly, the vehicles look as if they came off the front lines of a distant war, except they are convertibles so everyone can enjoy the fresh air and incredible views. The excursion will provide you with a new appreciation of the canyons, ridges, rivers, and everything in between that makes the area so incredible. This tour not only offers you a unique look into the natural beauty of the San Bernardino Mountains, but a glimpse into the historic towns and mines that used to be so central to the community here.

Action Snowshoe Tours

You may think that the winter snow would bring an end to the season of touring in Big Bear, but you are wrong. These snowshoe tours offer one of the most unique ways to see the area when it is in arguably its most beautiful state. The great thing about these tours is they are completely customizable, so you can go in whatever area through whatever terrain you want. Regardless of the type of tour you choose, you can expect a unique beauty and solitude that only comes from snow-capped mountains and endless pine trees.

Snow Summit Bike Park

We will need to loosen the definition of “tour” for this one, but this experience offers an incredibly unique way to take advantage of the community and natural wonder here. This is the only opportunity in California to take a ski lift with a mountain bike and then ride the slopes down. There are terrain parks and sections of steady cruising so there is a way for bikers of all skill levels to have an amazing experience.

It is true that you do not need to take a tour to have an amazing time or to appreciate how incredible the Big Bear area is—you simply need to walk around outside in order to do that. But the tours are an amazing resource for those that want to get to know the area on a deeper level and experience it in new ways. There are countless tours that offer experiences that you will never forget.