Big Bear Bowling

Founded in 1907, we have served over 1.3 million guest nights over the last 113+ years!

The family vacation dynamic has changed over the decades. The long car ride getting from place to place no longer involves license plate tag and singing about bottles of beer on the wall; it has become a time of no interaction. Cell phones, laptops, and eReaders allow everyone (except the driver, of course) to stay immersed in their own world, rarely saying anything except for the age-old complaint, “Are we there yet?” We spend the days of our vacations rushing from site to site, from ride to ride, and if it weren’t for the obligatory pictures of our children standing next to that famous landmark looking bored and annoyed, we wouldn’t even remember that we’d all been together doing the same thing! Your Big Bear vacation, however, can be different. It can be about family, togetherness, and the great times you when you experience Big Bear bowling!

Did We Just Say Bowling Alley?

Why, yes, we did! Big Bear is a family town filled with Big bear family activities, the kind of place where moms and dads cheer on their kids at soccer games, have dinners together nearly every night of the week, and when the weekend comes, they plan fun family events—including a night at the bowling alley. Big Bear Bowling Barn, located at 40625 Big Bear Boulevard, has all the necessary ingredients for the perfect family adventure. You’ll find everything from glow bowling at night (the lights are down and the balls glow in the dark!) to bumper bowling so that the littles in your family don’t get too frustrated to the Alley Oops Sports Bar that allows the parents to let off a little steam over being beaten by the teens. A night spent at the lanes is one where the family gathers together and laughs over the funny shoes, high fives over strikes, and can also be a night where mom or dad school the kids on how to get the high score on the video games in the arcade. Big Bear Bowling Barn provides an escape from the high-pressure world of more, more, more.

The Night Doesn’t Have to End After the Last Ball is Thrown

The fun and games continue when you walk in the door of your Big Bear Vacations pet friendly cabins, where sweet Fido has been anxiously awaiting your return. Nights in Big Bear can get a little chilly, so your second order of business (Fido’s nightly walk being the first!) is to get the fire going! Fix a round of hot cocoa and pull out the board games you hid away in silent anticipation; the dining room table is large enough for the entire family to enjoy Big bear family activities in relative harmony! It’s not too late to start planning how you can put the family back in family vacation. Contact us today to reserve your Big Bear Vacations cabin today. We even have room to bring your pets along!